Open Letter to Electoral College Members

Dear Electoral College Members;

I am writing to urge you not to cast your Electoral College vote for Donald Trump.

I’m sure you are getting a LOT of correspondence, and hold little hope that this one letter might tip the balance of your decision. But I feel compelled to write, if there’s even the slimmest hope that this letter, along with the weight of others, will.

This is not about the popular vote. This is not about Trump’s provocation of China, or other foreign policy gaffes. This isn’t even even about Russian interference in our election, no matter how concerning that is.

This is about responsible governance, and basic, common human decency.

Virtually every cabinet choice he has appointed so far, is rabidly against the very agency they have been chosen to head. This is not responsible governance; this is vindictive destruction of governance.

Please step back and look at the totality of what Donald Trump has done before, and since, the election. Mocking disabled reporters, telling numerous outright lies, employing the language of hatred and bigotry, constantly attacking, threatening, bullying, and denigrating almost anyone and anything who criticize him in any manner, including American citizens. He may have even threatened you.

I ask you to search your heart and ask: “Is this really the level of common human decency befitting of the President of the United States?”

I urge you to join me in concluding the answer is, “No.”

Please do not vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Derrick Fogle
Your Fellow American

My “Thank you” letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

Please find enclosed a unique “Reflective” I made of your first campaign’s graphic. My reflectives are designed to be an iconic upgrade to the typical ‘cateye’ driveway marker; something that might reflect something about you. They look good during the day, they look great in headlights at night!img_4484

I made this reflective, and staked it out by my driveway, to support you during your first election campaign. I found it again while I was preparing to put some winter holiday themed reflectives out for the season, and felt compelled to send it to you. I’m sure you get sent more trinkets and things than you can possibly deal with; it’s not important what happens to the thing.

What’s important, is what what your Presidency has meant to me. I want to list all the incredible ways you’ve provided leadership, hope, class, and dignity. I want to rehash all the wonderful things you’ve done, all the lives you’ve touched. I want to catalog all your acts of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. I also want to list the million-plus ways Michelle is so awesome, but… that’s way too much for one letter!

I am so thankful that I got to enjoy 8 years of your Presidency. You have been one of the greatest, strongest leaders, and one of the most inspiring people, I have ever known of. When I found that reflective, after nearly 8 years, I almost started crying. Hands down, you have been my Best. President. EVAR!!!!11!

I believe the example you have set has made me a better person. Thank you for everything you have done, for me, and for all Americans.

Yours Truly,

Derrick Fogle

The Importance of Music

Playing Hacky Sack to music is what it’s all about, for me.

I love kicking to music. Some of my fondest memories of footbag are kicking to live music at the KC Jazz Festival as a young punk that could go for hours on end, and kicking to live music at the Twilight Festival when it was at the courthouse, especially the year after I was inducted into the Footbag Hall of Fame. Something about having that challenge of the beat, and the heat, of the music… It really is what I kick for.

For my first Springtime Bloom on Speakers Circle, I got this tweet-out:


Getting called an 80 year old is hilarious enough alone, but I’m truly touched that this person saw the 80 year old man… DANCING. Never even mentioned the Hacky Sack. And, I’m totally OK with that. Take the Hacky Sack away, and that’s what I’m doing. Now, give me my Hacky Sack back, or I’ll kill you, but… that’s still what I’m doing.

When my camera cratered and left me with just my phone to either play music or record, I was devastated. I went from enjoying my footbag sessions, to full-steam frustration, in just a few days. Trying to record footbag suddenly became an anger trigger. This was NOT good. I had to do something. And finally, after one false start, I got the right cable and another iPod and finally got a completely separate source for music, so I could shoot video while kicking to music.

My average rally length doubled immediately. Tonight, even better. A couple really sweet nearly two-minute rallies. What I might not be doing is focusing on 3-add move strings. That just becomes less important that interacting with the music. Also, during my last 2 sessions at the Rec Center with music, I got more people stopping, watching, giving me thumbs-up. Thank you all for your support!

Ironically, no matter how important the music is for kicking, I’m a total music slob. I’ve had the same playlist to kick to for nearly 20 years now, with just a few random additions. I love listening to music, I love kicking to music, but I’m obviously the garbage disposal equivalent of a music consumer. I think that’s why I especially love live music so much; it’s extra different and fresh and really inspires me. Someone needs to help me curate a new kicking music library. For everyone’s sake, not just mine!

But garbage disposal, whatever… I do love kicking to music. It’s what I’m all about, when it comes to playing footbag.

Special thanks to Jorden Moir for recent encouraging words of self-affirmation.

Thanks for Tuning In!