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The Health Report, 2016 edition

Good news is, it’s mostly good! It’s been more than a year since I gave up on the Medical Industrial Complex for solutions to my chronic health problems, and implemented my own program of footbag as physical therapy. It’s been working. It’s been working infinitely better than anything the M.I.C. has done. I can walk again.

I still have problems with my ankle, for sure. If I step wrong, it still hurts. There are lots of activities that I’m still afraid to do because I think it would hurt my ankle again. I still have some fluid retention in my left foot. But still, it’s better. It rarely hurts while I’m kicking anymore, and again, I can walk mostly without pain too. That’s a big difference from a year ago.

Since getting a membership at Mizzou Rec Center, I’ve been doing a lot more solo kicking than usual. Lance runs off to go ski with his buddies in Colorado; I sweat over torques and drifters in the racquetball courts, squash court, or if I’m lucky during break when not many students are around, in one of the main gymnasiums (LOVE the space!). But, the solo shred sessions are testing my limits. It seems like 3 sessions a week is about all I can do without over-stressing my body. I feel like I’m getting stronger; I’m hitting more, more difficult moves again. Yet somehow, I’m still really struggling to put it all together.  There’s some component of balance, or power, or a little of both, that still eludes me.

While my ankle continues to improve, my knees seem to be getting worse again. That’s probably to be expected given the sudden surge of solo shredding I’ve been doing. I’m considering the platelet injection therapy, it’s still just way too expensive for me, and insurance still won’t cover it. I’ve been having more difficulty with my “weak” side moves because my right knee just doesn’t bend very far before it starts hurting.

The rest of me is mostly better too. I’ve still got serous work-stress issues to deal with, but I’ve been very diligent about leaving work behind when I leave. I ride my bike a lot more. I play Hacky Sack lot more. I care about work a lot less, I never look at work emails when I’m off. Doing this makes me feel better, both mentally and physically.

My back, which I still believe is a crux of all my other physical issues, is marginally better. I’m having some really strange issues with muscle cramps in my legs, especially at night, that feel associated with my back problems, but I’ve been able to manage that with careful sleeping habits.

Not much else to blog on the health front, just the life of a slowly aging, lifelong athlete. Rest assured, I’m not going down without a fight.