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h4x354x0r sUx0rd big time tonight

I had one simple goal for tonight’s footbag session: catch a rally with a torque in the middle. I hit at least 6 torques, but… couldn’t maintain control coming out of them. I’m not even going to bother reviewing the video for a decent run to post; there wasn’t one. I don’t think I ever broke 30 adds in a rally, and most of my rallies were probably under 10 adds. Tonight’s footbag session was an hour and ten minutes of absolute crap – the worst kicking I’ve done in almost a year. Insert major sad face here.  

Frustration with work, headache, constipation, aches and pains, especially in the knees… Let me tell all you young whirl-snappers: Getting old sucks. I don’t like kicking indoors, and I especially don’t like having to kick in my “emergency” kicking location. It’s depressing to know that cramped, skanky place is all I’m gonna have for the entire winter.

I just couldn’t get in rhythm to the music tonight, and that footbag dance rhythm is all that really matters to me any more. My iPod even flaked out on me a couple times just for good measure. I tried the radio but the location is several stories underground. No decent reception there.
Oh well, enough complaining. Hopefully I’ll do a little better next week; I certainly can’t get much worse and still call it footbag.

th4nksg1v1ng 3v3 h4x0r fUn

Being Thanksgiving Eve and all, the boss gave me a hall pass for the afternoon. w00t! So, I busted on down to Stankowski Field for a kicking session. It was chilly – 12 deg. C / 55 deg. F – but the sun was shining, the wind was calm. The footbag was… um… not all that cooperative, but I still give thanks that I can, and do, still kick. I tried to have a little fun with the video today, so there’s a little bit extra with the usual best rally on tape. As a bonus, I got a chance meeting with our famous, totally cool, hometown NASCAR racer Carl Edwards! Enjoy!

br4v3z t3h c0ld!

Drats – I still have no legitimate indoor place to kick! I was planning on accessing super-secret emergency kicking location, but… ACCESS DENIED! And Stankowski field was not available due to flag football leagues. But h3x354x0r iz determined, so I tried a years-old haunt, the Village Park on the corner of 9th and Ash in Columbia MO. One small rally is the best I can do this week but it’s better than not kicking at all!