Keeping the Heat On in Winter

One look at the Homie Hole scoreboard, tells you I have been. Total 28 sessions, four of them lucky enough to be outdoors on Speakers Circle. I’ve kicked 18 hours so far, exactly twice my “goal” pace. I’ve hit my 20-15 goal all but one session so far. I’ve been getting 100+ toes most sessions lately. I’ve had some recent trouble with my 1,000 kick 1st rally attempts, but bagged the last two, still kicking 18 out of 24 for the year on that.

I’ve been keeping meticulous track of my best 2-add and 3-add rallies since I started kicking in my basement, aka the Homie Hole. I’ve now got 53 sessions logged over the last 3 months. Since I usually kick 5 times a week, the 10-period moving average in the graph below represents about a 2-week moving average.

Homie Hole Series Graph

After a steady climb as I got used to things and started regaining my footbag composure, and my ankle has been getting better, it looks like I’ve leveled out over the last couple of weeks. I feel that way too, at least until I can get more outdoor time and work on more variety.

Also up until a couple weeks ago, there was little correlation between 2-add and 3-add the up-vs-down from session to session. I would have expected them to move together often, figuring I’d do better or worse on both metrics if I was kicking better or worse during a session. But, I was batting about 50%, a game of chance, until about the 1st of February. Since then, 8 in a row have moved in tandem, skewing the ratio closer to 2:3, about what I would have expected.

One final word about my ankle, it does seem to be getting better. Very little pain at all, even just walking, the last 4-5 days now. It feels the best it’s felt since early last summer I think. This is the most excruciatingly slow recovery I’ve ever been through. But, for the first time in months, I feel some hope it might really get better and stay better for a while.

OK back to shivering for now, it’s cold and snowing tonight!

Thanks for tuning in!