Mizzou Homecoming Day

I couldn’t resist a pre-game footbag session in Speakers Circle for Mizzou Homecoming:

That’s just the game-winning rally. The day produced 3 other videos too:

And for time accounting purposes, since the last blog post:

Total time since last post: 4:15, plus 50:35 already on the board, for 54:50 total. Yeah, I’m counting any footbag, solo or circle, as time towards my goal. I’m desperate. I’m making “par” on a weekly basis, but not catching up to my now seemingly impossible goal. Still no action in the Homie Hole yet. Weather has been too good.

Now, for the promised update on health issues…

I’ve been to the doctor. I’m going to a chiropractor. I’ve been to the other doctor. None of it, so far, has done me any good.

The orthopedic doctor and general physician just tell me there’s nothing wrong with my ankle. They’ve suggested I’m just imagining the pain, fluid retention, excessive joint popping, and inability to move normally and play footbag. Of course, I can go in for more tests: an MRI on my ankle. But, Of course, despite paying thousands of dollars every year for health insurance, that insurance hardly covers any of the cost. Every time I think about the scam called “Health Insurance,” and the fact it’s cheating and stealing from me every single f’ing day, I get so angry I want to break things.

Of course the chiropractor tells me I’m “…adjusting up real good.” At first I was willing to believe, my back did seem to get marginally better. But the latest evidence says otherwise: Due to bad weather, work, and them being closed for a Jewish holiday, I missed 5 weeks. During that time, my back started feeling better, not just a little but a lot better. But then, I went back, and the next morning after the adjustment, my back felt terrible again. It’s like that adjustment just totally re-fucked up my back. Now, I’m plagued with those sharp, shooting pains with any wrong movement. I’m pretty sure my next visit will be my last.

So unless some medical person can come out of the woodwork and offer some tangible diagnosis (other than “Hmmm…” or “I think you’re imagining it.”), I’m calling my foray into the healthcare industry worse than worthless. Not worthless as in free or cheap, in fact it’s extremely expensive. Worthless as in you just paid $40,000 for a car that won’t even start worthless. Worthless as in the insurance company denied my general physician’s claim altogether. I’m stuck with 100% of the cost of the visit. Assholes.

You bet if I stopped playing footbag, and came down with some kind of sedentary-inspired disease as a result, insurance would cover THAT. But… trying to get something covered that will keep me active and healthy? Reduce lifetime healthcare expenses? NO. F*KING. WAY.  You gotta pay for that yourself. Have I mentioned this makes me ANGRY?

This isn’t healthcare. This is a sickness industry. This is evil. This is extortion and robbery. This is hurtful and mean. THIS. IS. WRONG.

I guess I’m on my own. And, I’m kinda lost. I’m not sure what to do, but suffer. Maybe when my back gives out while I’m up on a ladder working, and fall off and get seriously injured, maybe THEN I might get some help. But, not really, not likely. The reality is, I’ll just get yelled at and punished for missing work, then get fired. At least that will solve the problem of the insurance industry stealing my money; I won’t have any for the greedy assholes to steal anymore.

I don’t even have a steady gait anymore. I’ve started dragging my left heel when I walk. My back problem, the sudden stab of intense pain, has nearly caused me to fall several times now – often when on stairs, even up on a ladder. It becomes more difficult to walk, move, go up and down stairs, sit or stand, ride my bike, or play footbag. It’s very disturbing.

I’ve already had to face the fact that my ankle and foot have been messed up for almost a year now. It’s not getting better.  My shoulder problem, going on a year and a half. The flesh in my left foot, constantly swollen with fluid retention, is permanently damaged. This is the new normal. It sucks, I hate it.

One of the few things that seems to help is… to play footbag. My ankle always feels better after playing footbag. It’s going back to work that makes it hurt more. My back felt better for a day after playing footbag, too. Now, it’s just horrible again.

My plans: Fuck the Medical Industrial Complex. Start back exercises. Keep doing what I’ve been doing on my own to take care of my ankle and feet. Keep riding my bike. And, so importantly, KEEP PLAYING FOOTBAG.

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