Desperation leads to the Homie Hole

I had an incredible streak of 3 out of 4 Sundays kicking outdoors around new years, then… nothing. Bleak cold, snow, horrible weather. Weeks of it. Desperation set in, and I couldn’t restrain myself any more. Witness the Homie Hole

You saw the scoreboard right, that’s another 1:25 on the books. 6:55 for the year, and I’ve used the Homie Hole to take down an annual footbag goal, kicking 2,014 consecutives for the year without missing, in 17:37. 
As far as my kicking time goal goes, I’ve let myself get way behind, I should be sitting on 13-14 hours by now. That’s why I’ve gotten this desperate. But it looks like weather will allow the first springtime bloom of Hack Man on Speakers Circle Friday March 6th – tomorrow, at this posting. And now, I have the Homie hole there to provide base support. 
One more kicking goal I’ve set my sights on, is 41 3’s in 14. 41-3-14. Minimum 7 unique on each side, at least one pair of 4-adders (i.e. torques). Last year’s best was 34 with only (I think) 5 uniques, so that’s a pretty ambitious increase. Not sure I’ll be able to hit this one, but I’m starting early, so I’ll be able to give it at least a thousand tries.
To keep the Homie Hole from getting out of hand, I’m setting a 30 minute time limit per session. 4 days a week would give me 2 hours per week total, even when the weather is bad. That pace would still put me ahead of my goal for the year. I could sustain that pace in the Homie Hole if needed. Knowing that gives me a profound sense of footbag security. 
Just don’t expect me to kick down there, if it’s nice outside
Thanks for tuning in! 

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