Desperation leads to the Homie Hole

I had an incredible streak of 3 out of 4 Sundays kicking outdoors around new years, then… nothing. Bleak cold, snow, horrible weather. Weeks of it. Desperation set in, and I couldn’t restrain myself any more. Witness the Homie Hole

You saw the scoreboard right, that’s another 1:25 on the books. 6:55 for the year, and I’ve used the Homie Hole to take down an annual footbag goal, kicking 2,014 consecutives for the year without missing, in 17:37. 
As far as my kicking time goal goes, I’ve let myself get way behind, I should be sitting on 13-14 hours by now. That’s why I’ve gotten this desperate. But it looks like weather will allow the first springtime bloom of Hack Man on Speakers Circle Friday March 6th – tomorrow, at this posting. And now, I have the Homie hole there to provide base support. 
One more kicking goal I’ve set my sights on, is 41 3’s in 14. 41-3-14. Minimum 7 unique on each side, at least one pair of 4-adders (i.e. torques). Last year’s best was 34 with only (I think) 5 uniques, so that’s a pretty ambitious increase. Not sure I’ll be able to hit this one, but I’m starting early, so I’ll be able to give it at least a thousand tries.
To keep the Homie Hole from getting out of hand, I’m setting a 30 minute time limit per session. 4 days a week would give me 2 hours per week total, even when the weather is bad. That pace would still put me ahead of my goal for the year. I could sustain that pace in the Homie Hole if needed. Knowing that gives me a profound sense of footbag security. 
Just don’t expect me to kick down there, if it’s nice outside
Thanks for tuning in! 

2014 Dreams and Goals, 2013 Review

Sure, it’s a bit late for this, but I’m finally reconciling last year’s goals with the final reality, and setting a few new goals for this year. Last year’s goals: 

1. 75 hours of Footbag. Final tally for 2013: 81 hours. Whew, I barely made that, but… I did! 
2. 3,000 Km on the bike. Final mileage for 2013: 5,050 Km. A great year on the bike, tinged with sadness that my old Fuji Roubaix, the bike I’ve ridden for the last 24 years, finally died. I loved that bike, and it loved me
3. Bring my business online. Nope, sorry, fail. It was a little more than I could chew. Maybe this year, but I’ve lost all my template artwork somewhere along the line. I need to re-create that, then contract with PhilsCNCCreations to cut my plates for me.
4. Go on a rip-snorting canoe trip for my 50th birthday. Unfortunately, this was a fail. Too many other obs, too little time and traction. This sucks, I’m really bummed it didn’t happen, and it probably maybe won’t ever happen for a long, long time. 
5. Take a picture every day on Flat Branch Creek. This, people, my Picture a Day Project, is my crowning achievement of 2013. I stuck to my commitment, taking pictures at 3 different locations on the creek every day. I published one every day from the start, then started publishing a 2nd in the spring. I held the 3rd site in reserve. In the end, I created three data-rich time lapses of a year in the life of Flat Branch Creek
Big Snapper Pond 
6. Take Wilderness Ridge Resort to court over getting hit by that bus. I purposefully, willfully abandoned this goal very early on. I decided to channel my energy into other things; my picture project, playing footbag, riding my bike, and earning back the money that was stolen from my by providing low-cost database development services to a non-profit business. It was a dumb, crappy goal to begin with. I’m happy I abandoned it. 

So… what’s on tap for 2014? 

1. 75 hours of footbag (again). But, I’m already so far behind after nearly the first 2 months of the year, I may never catch up. The weather has been horrible, and I’ve lost what little winter kicking space I’ve had. It’s been rough. But 75 hours is still my goal. 

2. 4,200 Km on the bike. Upping my goal again from last year, even though my picture project drove a lot of my bike riding. I didn’t set this specific goal, but I rode my bike all but 4 days last year. This year, instead of riding the same trail every day, I’m hoping to train and do a sag-supported century (100Mi / 161Km) or two. 

3. Try again to bring online. Maybe without the picture project, I might be able to do it. Maybe. 
4. Get a new job. This was a really important goal for me, and the good news is, I’ve already got it in the bag!

That’s it. Those are my goals for 2014. Now, I’ve gotta get back to work.