The Long, Cold Winter

So long, so cold, it’s starting to drive me insane. 

So, after 3 months of silence here, I’ll start with the blog’s most important reason for existence: keeping track of my footbag stuff. I rounded off last year with one more Surprise Happy End of Year Session, plus a couple of sessions at the Underground, for a total of 81 hours for the year. My goal was 70. Said and done. w00t! 

I’m setting this year’s footbag goal at 70 hours again. So far, I’ve got: 

First Footbag Session of 2014 – 1 hr 

One Shot Sunday, which turned into a rip-snortin’ 2-hour session 
Plus, a couple sessions at The Underground, and that 5 minutes out in the snow for the video above, totaling about another hour. 
5.5 hrs for the year so far, with a chance to get outdoors again next week! 

It really has been a difficult winter though; I’ve abandoned The Secret Hideout, but have not found a good replacement. I’m doing occasional hack sessions at The Underground, but not as often or as consistently. My play time has dropped dramatically this winter, and if it weren’t for a string of unusually warm Sundays, I would not have played much at all so far this year. 

From the “old deteriorating body” department, there’s this: my shoulder and ankle (the other one, not the one I broke recently) have started hurting all the time. I think I need chiropractic care. 
Thanks for tuning in, hope to have more soon! 

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