Eulogy for a Bicycle

my old bicycleMy purple, steel frame Fuji Roubaix of 24 years died October 4th at 5:15pm of a broken down tube. 
I loved my bike. 
It, my bike, my steel steed… We’ve shared over 150,000 miles. Epic journeys, and cold, lonely, scary nights. Miles of hot pavement and crushing traffic, hard sprints, hard braking, hard corners. We’ve explored endless trails, rocks, dust, gravel, and dirt. We’ve ridden places maybe we shouldn’t have. We’ve seen almost everything together. 
My bike was my best friend. 
24 years, two complete drive trains, a dozen wheels, countless tires and inner tubes. 150,000 miles. Every day, day in, day out, I rode it to work. Two different cities, five different jobs, six different houses, each route worn so familiar we could do this in our sleep. As tens of miles, hundreds of miles, thousands of miles added up, my bike was almost always just THERE for me. 
My bike was an amazing workhorse. 
On long, lonely rides, my bike gave me solace. The rhythm of the pedals gave a reassuring pattern. The balance, steering, direction, melted into my being, becoming my thoughts. My spirit moved forward with my body, all carried by this simple, magical machine. At the end, I feel cleansed, refreshed, and whole again. 
My bike loved me, too. 
Goodbye, my best friend. I will ride you again in my heaven. 

The Long, Cold Winter

So long, so cold, it’s starting to drive me insane. 

So, after 3 months of silence here, I’ll start with the blog’s most important reason for existence: keeping track of my footbag stuff. I rounded off last year with one more Surprise Happy End of Year Session, plus a couple of sessions at the Underground, for a total of 81 hours for the year. My goal was 70. Said and done. w00t! 

I’m setting this year’s footbag goal at 70 hours again. So far, I’ve got: 

First Footbag Session of 2014 – 1 hr 

One Shot Sunday, which turned into a rip-snortin’ 2-hour session 
Plus, a couple sessions at The Underground, and that 5 minutes out in the snow for the video above, totaling about another hour. 
5.5 hrs for the year so far, with a chance to get outdoors again next week! 

It really has been a difficult winter though; I’ve abandoned The Secret Hideout, but have not found a good replacement. I’m doing occasional hack sessions at The Underground, but not as often or as consistently. My play time has dropped dramatically this winter, and if it weren’t for a string of unusually warm Sundays, I would not have played much at all so far this year. 

From the “old deteriorating body” department, there’s this: my shoulder and ankle (the other one, not the one I broke recently) have started hurting all the time. I think I need chiropractic care. 
Thanks for tuning in, hope to have more soon!