I’ve been blowing off my blog for the last 100 days. I’ve blown off an actual footbag session for the first time in forever this week. Which, of course, means I will almost certainly be screwed out of the next 1 or 2 sessions as well (yes, it’s extremely predictable, it always happens that way). 

Last post was just before my Getting Props at City Hall video went viral. Many thanks to whoever ends up occasionally posting my videos on Reddit and giving them some traction. Over 300K views in a week on that video, as I was sitting on 51 hrs of footbag for the year. Nice. Since then, I’ve added… 
8/1 – Post Viral Averageness – 1.5 hrs 
8/11 – Mizzou Welcome Rally – 2 hrs 
8/15 – The Forgotten Footbag Session – 2 hrs 
8/22 – School is in Session – 2.5 hrs 
8/30 – 50th Birthday Footbag Bash – 2.5 hrs 
9/14 – The Devil Must Have Made You – 2.0 hrs
9/20 – New Abshire Footbag – 2.0 hrs 
10/18 – Speakers Circle Highlights Reel – 2.0 hrs
10/27 – Short hack session with Lance – 30 minutes 
11/3 – Nice November Afternoon – 2.0 hrs
And finally, the latest session from last weekend, a 1.5 hr session – Hacktarzan! 
Another 27 hours to add to the previous 51, that’s 78 hours of footbag this year! My goal this year was very ambitious – 70 hours – and I’ve already beaten that by 10%. Don’t know how much more I’ll get though; as earlier mentioned, if I ever voluntarily blow off a footbag session, I always get screwed out of one or two more. Plus the holidays coming up which always disrupt my footbag schedule, and the cold weather which always sucks for footbag, and I’ll probably wind up with a total of around 85 hours this year. 

Not bad for an old man.