Summer Season City Hall Sessions

A LOT of them. This is gonna take some serious accounting work. Since last post: 

5/1 – Previous Time Total – 30:55 (HH:MM)
5/7 – Terrific Tuesday – 1hr solo, 2hrs circle = 2 hrs 
(bad weather)
5/23 – First City Hall Session – 2 hrs solo 
(bad weather)
6/6 – City Hall Take 2 – 30 min solo, 3 hrs circle = 2 hrs 
6/13 – Concert Night at City Hall – 30 min solo, 3 hrs circle = 2 hrs 
6/20 – Phat Tyre Sport First Rally and I Gave Them Hacky Sacks – 1:15 hr solo, 1:45 hrs circle = 2 hrs 
6/27 – Freestyle Time Machine and Twenty Five Threes – 1 hr solo, 1:30 doubles = 2 hrs
7/4 – Next Speakers Circle Hack Man – 1 hr solo, 1:30 doubles = 2 hrs 
7/11 – Ironclad Ben Meets Speakers Circle and One Notch Up to 26 – 3 hrs circle shred = 2 hrs
7/18 – Phat Tyre First Rally Fun and Hacky Sack Choreography – 1 hr solo, 1:30 doubles = 2 hrs
…and the latest footbag session video…
7/25 – Getting Props at City Hall – 1 hr solo, 1:30 doubles = 2 hrs 
Current Footbag Time for 2013: 50:55, round that off to 51 hours! Basically one full month of kicking ahead of my goal for the year right now. 
My ankle still hurts, is still healing, still has range of motion issues, but I’ve gained back most of the strength and proprioception. My difficulty level has bounced back. 
My knees are getting worse again. I’ve just started taking organic Glucosamine/Chondroitin pills after hearing testimony from a couple of runners. We’ll see. 
My back is horribly messed up again, with sciatica from my neck down in my left shoulder and arm, and from my lower back into my hip and down my left leg. It always gets worse when I don’t play footbag. I need a chiropractor. 
But I’ve been playing hard, having fun, and have picked up a new regular kicker, Lance. My footbag sessions are no longer just solo shred sessions. I’m doing a lot of doubles and circle hacking too, and can only slip in a little solo before or after the circle kicking. I’ve been a solo show for so long, I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to be part of a group of regular kickers. It’s fun! But, I still like my solo shredding, too. 
In other news, I’m at 2,600 KM on the bike, and I pledged 3,000 KM for the year. I’m hoping to blow that out of the water by my birthday. 
Speaking of birthdays, I’m planning to do my annual Speakers Circle Birthday Footbag Bash on Friday, August 30th, starting around 10am. I’ll be celebrating my 50th, and over 32 years of playing footbag! 
I’m also planning to go on a float trip the following weekend (Sept. 7-8), for a slightly different kind of 50th birthday party. Friends are invited to join – either the Illinois River near Lake Talequah, or maybe the 11 Point, if I can swing that. 
BTW, Best wishes and congratulations to all 2013 World Footbag Championships participants! 
Thanks for tuning in, and as always, keep kicking!