Warm Weather Finally Here

First, the video: 

The big news, to me, is my ankle. It’s been over 7 months now since I broke it, then hobbled around on it for months without knowing it was broke. It’s finally starting to feel OK. Finally. With every footbag session, it gets stronger. Today, for the first time in nearly a year, I finally felt some serious shred mojo coming back

The Dance Marathon group helped. The music, the positive energy… I played well and had a great time! 

There’s a challenge in the footbag community to do 2013 consecutive kicks in 2013. It’s been a long time since I practiced doing consecutives, and my first attempt at this was a whopping 150-something. But a couple weeks later I tried again, and ripped out that 2013 like it was nothing. 
Although I spaced off and accidentally did a clipper stall in the rally – technically that’s a foul in official consecutives – I glossed over that, and set my sights on another challenge: 31 3’s in 13. A string of 31 3-add+ moves in a row. 

I’m nowhere near that, even with today’s session. My record so far this year is 24; my average has barely moved back into double digits. Best on film today was 11 or 12. I’m gonna have to sharpen up my game quite a bit to nail 31 3’s in a row. But, that is the goal. Oh, and I did hit a torque today, but only coming off my strong ankle so far. 

Speaking of goals, I should do some time accounting. It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve played a LOT of footbag since then. The goal is still 70 hours of footbag this year. Where am I? 

Balance forward: 13:45
3/28 – 1.5 hours
4/4 – 10 minutes
4/5 – 3 hours
4/7 – 15 minutes
4/13 – 2 hours
4/18 – 45 minutes
4/21 – 3.5 hours
4/25 – 3 hours 
5/1 – 3 hours 
An amazing 17:10 of play time since last post. This is why I’m playing better, no? 
30:55 for the year, over 7 hours ahead of par for my goal! Of course I’ve been counting circle kicking in that time; I will probably start discounting circle kicking time again now that I’m more fully recovered from my ankle injury. 
Thanks for tuning in! 

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