Not My Ankle This Time

how to buy dapoxetine And, I’m buy proscar online SO HAPPY to be shirtless! 

Last Friday was finally another warm sunny day, unlike the last few weeks where I had to wear multiple shirts, and even leggings, to kick outdoors. 
After the stress of the last few days, providing VIP technical support to the BIFAD conference, it was a very welcome break to head out to Speakers Circle for some footbag. And boy, did I kick. Some Mr. Nasti on my boom box was pumping me up, too. Due to a mix-up with my kicking buddies, I was out there for an hour solo before they showed up. We put in another hour plus after that. The good news? For the first time since I broke my ankle 6 months ago, it wasn’t my ankle that made me stop. It was muscle fatigue. Yeah, my ankle was hurting, and yeah the reason I had such severe muscle fatigue is because I was completely run down from that event, coming down with a cold, and getting dehydrated. But still, my ankle is getting stronger. Much stronger. 

Now, instead of fighting ankle pain, I can start rebuilding my endurance. I can start pushing myself again. Looking at the rally above, compared to a rally that Flying Clipper Headquarters dug up from St. Patty’s day 2 years ago, boy… have I got a long way to go. Maybe I’ll never be able to do torques again. But maybe, just maybe, I will. 

In the meantime, I am adjusting to the “New Normal” of having a Hack Circle every session. Lance is the instigator, and he gets a few people out there almost every day. And once there’s a circle, more people join. I have just entered the realm of being the grandfather of a new Hacky Sack group on campus. This is so cool. I’m teaching them some moves, and just being there for them with my footbags. 

Finally, a little record keeping. Despite my setbacks, I still have goals for kicking. 70 hours this year. I’m behind. Need to catch up. I used to count circle kicking at about 1/3 the rate of solo kicking, but for now, any kicking is counted minute for minute. It’s been almost 2 months since my last post, so I have a lot of catching up to do: 
2/07 – 1:45 
2/14 – 1:30 
2/21 – didn’t kick. Snowstorm! 
2/28 – 1:15 
3/08 – 2 hrs 
3/15 – 2 hrs 
Total 13:45 for the year so far. Par is ~15 hrs, only 1:15 behind. I’m catching up bit by bit, with a forecast of better weather ahead! 

Thanks for tuning in!