Not My Ankle This Time

And, I’m SO HAPPY to be shirtless! 

Last Friday was finally another warm sunny day, unlike the last few weeks where I had to wear multiple shirts, and even leggings, to kick outdoors. 
After the stress of the last few days, providing VIP technical support to the BIFAD conference, it was a very welcome break to head out to Speakers Circle for some footbag. And boy, did I kick. Some Mr. Nasti on my boom box was pumping me up, too. Due to a mix-up with my kicking buddies, I was out there for an hour solo before they showed up. We put in another hour plus after that. 

The good news? For the first time since I broke my ankle 6 months ago, it wasn’t my ankle that made me stop. It was muscle fatigue. Yeah, my ankle was hurting, and yeah the reason I had such severe muscle fatigue is because I was completely run down from that event, coming down with a cold, and getting dehydrated. But still, my ankle is getting stronger. Much stronger. 

Now, instead of fighting ankle pain, I can start rebuilding my endurance. I can start pushing myself again. Looking at the rally above, compared to a rally that Flying Clipper Headquarters dug up from St. Patty’s day 2 years ago, boy… have I got a long way to go. Maybe I’ll never be able to do torques again. But maybe, just maybe, I will. 

In the meantime, I am adjusting to the “New Normal” of having a Hack Circle every session. Lance is the instigator, and he gets a few people out there almost every day. And once there’s a circle, more people join. I have just entered the realm of being the grandfather of a new Hacky Sack group on campus. This is so cool. I’m teaching them some moves, and just being there for them with my footbags. 

Finally, a little record keeping. Despite my setbacks, I still have goals for kicking. 70 hours this year. I’m behind. Need to catch up. I used to count circle kicking at about 1/3 the rate of solo kicking, but for now, any kicking is counted minute for minute. It’s been almost 2 months since my last post, so I have a lot of catching up to do: 
2/07 – 1:45 
2/14 – 1:30 
2/21 – didn’t kick. Snowstorm! 
2/28 – 1:15 
3/08 – 2 hrs 
3/15 – 2 hrs 
Total 13:45 for the year so far. Par is ~15 hrs, only 1:15 behind. I’m catching up bit by bit, with a forecast of better weather ahead! 

Thanks for tuning in!