Freak Shows Bloom on Warm January Day

Preachers and Hack Man in Circle, Oh My! 

Dang I can’t even call first on Speakers Circle Freak Shows this year: one preacher was already out there, with more stacked up and circling like 747’s waiting to land. But, I can rejoice in the FrankenHack I did on my boom box: A snap to keep all charged up and ready to go, it can blare at full volume for 5-6 solid hours. 
After all my wailing and gnashing of teeth about my ankle, it has gotten remarkably better since just last week. Since my freak-out epic bike ride Friday night, I’ve been doing Arnica massages and heating pad sessions. The bike ride was good, it gives me a chance to strengthen the muscles and tendons without any side-to-side pressure or weight-bearing ‘roll’ back-to-front. The arnica massages and heat, I think have been almost magical. Gotta keep that up! 
The video shows my ankle can’t be that messed up. But the rally was only 3 different moves, done on both sides. I’ve got a long way to go if I want to re-achieve 20+ contact, 3+ add strings. But, if I can get my ankle healed up, and get something done about my knees, that’s the goal. 
Whatever, I’m just incredibly pleased at this “Surprise” Speakers Circle footbag session. I got about 20 mentions on Twitter, my ankle felt good, still feels good, and I believe playing footbag is the best therapy I’ve got. Getting to do my “Old Shirtless” thing on Speakers Circle (one Twitter peep called me “70 years old”) is just so much fun! And, for a bonus, my “flock” of followers came out and dominated the, ahem, Hacky Circle with me in the afternoon, after the preachers finally left. 
Thanks, I needed that. 

2:00 this week, :15 last week, total of 5:15 for the year. 2:15 behind “par” for the year, but it’s early and if my ankle keeps feeling this good, I’ll be able to make that up. 

Thanks for tuning in! 

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