An Open Letter to Nationwide and American Family

From: Derrick Fogle

To: Derrick Fogle
CC: (Nationwide Insurance and American Family Insurance representatives) 
Sunday, December 16th, 2012
It has been six months, to the day, since a bus driver from Wilderness Ridge Resort came speeding out of a side road, failed to yield entering an intersection, and slammed into the side of my vehicle, totaling it, moderately injuring me, and (almost freakishly luckily, only) inflicting minor injuries on my children

It it absolutely WRONG that I should have to wait this long – or any time at all, really – for redress and full settlement for this incident. 

This Christmas, my family has to go without – has to do with a little less – because Nationwide Insurance’s first priority is to be dishonest, and try to cheat me out of a rightful settlement; and also because American Family has delivered no more than a slap in my face to defend my interests. 

Again: It is absolutely wrong, and thoroughly shameful, that my family and I have been treated like this. It is absolutely wrong that my family be the one that suffers, has to scrape by and do without, because the counter-party in the accident, and all parties in the insurance industry, are playing money-games with other people’s lives. 

I have provided extremely extensive case documentation on my behalf: Proving beyond any reasonable doubt that the bus driver was speeding excessively, both exceeding posted speed limits (40+ in a 25), as well as speeding “basic rule” meaning he was driving way too fast for his own limited visibility and stopping distance. I have also provided photographic evidence, as well as contacts for the local road commissioner, confirming that there is supposed to be, and has been in the past, a physical yield sign for the bus at that intersection. Furthermore, I have provided direct citation of Missouri Uniform Traffic Code (300.010 (13) (a) and 304.351 (1) and (2)) which make it absolutely crystal clear that the collision occurred in an intersection (not a right-of-way), and that even in the absence of a physical yield sign, the bus driver was still liable to yield when entering the intersection. 

There is absolutely no legitimate excuse for this case to still be pending. You people are just playing hurtful, shameful games with other people’s lives. 

American Family Claim # 141-921843 

Nationwide Insurance Claim # 72 24 PE 124202 

Formal Complaint Case against Nationwide for wrongful initial determination # 2569509 

I request both a current status on this case, as well as a request that everyone move forward toward a speedy and rightful, 100% liability determination against the bus driver, and full settlement for me and my family. 


Derrick Fogle 

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