Son of Recovery

Yes. Injury Recovery. For the 2nd time, this year. 

I can’t honestly say it’s been a good year. That was last week’s video; I’ve put in a 2nd session since then (but forgot my camera somehow), but it wasn’t any better and my ankle still hurts. I am getting better, but slowly. Too slowly. It’s gonna be awhile until I’m back anywhere near where I was. Sigh… 
But look at this: 
Thurs. 10/25 – 30 minutes 
Thurs. 11/1 – 1:00 
Total for Year: 72:30 
That’s 20% over my goal, with 9 weeks to go. I won’t be able to crank out 2-hour sessions the whole time, (I won’t even get to kick all those weeks), but I’m shooting to average over an hour a week. 

I’m also kinda pleased I’ve got a couple new kicking partners. Lance has been kicking with me almost every week I’ve been out there, and his roommate has joined a couple times as well. Lance and I are already doing toe delays and stuff back and forth, and with his roommate (so terrible with names sorry!) we rock so many multiple-hack rallies we don’t bother counting them anymore. Sw33t! 

It really helps having other people to share the bag with while I recover. Solo footbag freestyle at it’s most intense is brutal on the body, but footbag at a more basic level is absolutely fantastic physical therapy! 
The Speakers Circle Hack Man has converts. The Speakers Circle Preachers have hate. 
Just sayin’…