Injured Again

But first, let’s see what happened last Thursday *before* I got hurt… 

Up until last night, I felt like I had completed the “Road To Recovery.” My strength had come back, my stamina had come back, I’ve been notching my way back up the “Tiltless String” ladder. I felt good. Even at the 2-hour mark, I was still able to rip out nearly 2-minute rally
But last night, I was in my back yard, cooking brats over the fire pit. I was busting small branches to put in the fire by propping them against something, and jumping on them. Only this time, I landed on the stick too far back. Instead of the stick breaking, my ankles gave way, painfully bending my ankle WAY too far up, WAY too fast. Crunch. Ouch. 
Now, I’m right back on the disabled list. Just when I’m in the middle of a project with a student. Just when the fall weather is at it’s finest. Just after I frankenhacked my radio. Just at the worst. Fucking. Time. As if there’s ever a good time to get hurt. 
Moral of the story: be careful, peeps. And now, for some accounting… 
Sept. 13th: 2:00 
Sept. 20th: 2:00 
Sept. 23rd: 30 minutes, at the RenFest! 
Last Week: 2:00 – I’ve been putting in solid 2+ hour sessions every week. I’m actually out there for close to 3 hours sometimes, but not all of that is solo kicking. Lance usually kicks with me for 45 minutes or so. Unfortunately, I’m gonna be back to goose-eggs for time again. My ankle hurts. 
71 hours of footbag so far for the year. Thanks for tuning in! 

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