Drudge, or Blog?

It’s been a month. I’ve played a lot of footbag. I’ve gotten a new camera. I’ve been posting videos. I’ve been sweating. 

I just haven’t been writing. What… did you WANT a blow-by-blow account of my injury recovery and health issues? 
Didn’t think so. 
Too bad… My knee is doing far better than I expected at this point. My back, far worse, but in a very “tricky” way. I feel like I’ve recovered a reasonable level of muscular strength and stamina. On the eve of my next footbag session, I feel good. 
I just haven’t been able to hit 20+ Guiltless again yet. Maybe this week? Gonna try! 
A Mizzou J-School student will be starting a project on me, as well. This session will be a Photo shoot. I love working with students for their assignments! This is another multi-format project spanning several weeks. 
I can’t stop thinking about this whole “Hacky Sack Is My Religion” mantra I’ve got going. The idea has really taken root. I’ve started writing The Gospel of Hacky Sack. I may yet establish a bonafide church. This is too much fun! 
One other idea that’s taken hold with me, is a low-key footbag promotion. The idea is, when I’m kicking in public in the summer, I just put out a sign: 
Free Footbag
10 or more kicks* 

*Just 5 if you’re
10 or Under!

No limit on
number of tries
…with various disclaimers in fine print, like offer only good when Hack Man present and displaying this sign, limit one per person per month, blah, blah, blah. 

But, I have no idea how many I might end up giving away. If I did this on campus, I know there’s a dozen peeps that could do 10 consecutives if they tried for a few minutes. I figure there might be an initial surge of giveaways, but I think it would stabilize at a manageable level. 

Thinking about that, I am. 
Let’s see… I’ve got some accounting to do here… Since last post: 
August 16th: 1:45 – Semester’s Eve
August 23rd: 1:45 – Start of Semester
August 30th: 2:00 – My Birthday Footbag Bash!
September 6th: 2:00 – (above)
That makes 64:30 for the year! Despite 5 weeks off for the knee, I have blown past my annual goal already. Now, I wanna see how deep I can bury it. 
Thanks for tuning in! 

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