Moar Pre-Semester Speakers Circle

A construction project right out in front of City Hall has basically killed that venue for the remainder of the summer. So, Speakers Circle it is! 

Above video is from last Thursday. I had about the same level of play the previous Thursday, too. My knee problem is in the first stages of returning, but hasn’t gotten bad at all yet. My play is still stuck decidedly below the 20+ Guiltless String range. But… at least above 10! 
I’ve got one more week to “practice” before the students show up. I’m just hoping for enough stamina to do at least the 3 more weeks and put in a good solid 2-hour session for my birthday. 
1:00 / 1:30 / 57:00  –  Even with the 5-week layoff, I should be breaking my annual goal of 60 hours during my first Fall Semester session. Thanks for tuning in! 

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