Getting Back In the Game

Since my last emo “Goodbye” post and video, I’ve been hit by a bus, been to a sports doctor, not played footbag for 5 weeks, and finally, getting back into the game! 

About my knee: I almost certainly have chondromalacia: Irritation and roughening of the cartilage under the kneecap. The only real treatments are RICE and PT, and if that doesn’t work then possibly some rejuvenation fluid injections under the kneecap on top of more of the first. Arthroscopy almost inevitably leads to as much scar tissue damage as the condition itself. 
So I’m ramping back up on my footbag activities… 
…to see just how much pain comes back. The truth is, an hour of intense footbag once a week completely overwhelms a week of daily physical therapy. Add about 30-50 miles a week on the bike. My knee is either gonna work, or it’s not. 
That last session was a hard solid hour of playing. I could tell I really irritated it, so I did something different this week: I iced my knee after my session. I can’t believe how much it seemed to help. I would expect a lot more irritation in my knee a few days later, and it doesn’t seem to be there right now. That makes me happy. 
One other thing that makes me happy, is the donation of a new HD digital video camera from The Enlightener! I just need to get a little better at framing with it, huh? I’ve had a lot of problems with cameras, and was still a month away from being able to purchase a new one for myself. This makes all the world of difference. Thanks for the camera Scott, and for the Tribute video, too!
Of course after 5 weeks off footbag, I can tell my leg muscles have atrophied, despite the PT. 
I’ve got 4 more weeks until the start of semester at MU, and 5 more weeks to my annual “Birthday Footbag Bash.” I’m hoping to get back into full condition by then, but hopefully not back up to full knee pain yet. 
30 / 1:00 / 54:30 – Thanks for tuning in! 

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