New Camera “Foot”-Age at City Hall

Cold, intermittent drizzle, new camera, and knee pain: 

It was this warm – and sunny – in January. Today, barely 60ºF and cloudy with intermittent drizzle. And, did I mention my knee hurts? I almost pulled the plug on the session, but I’ve only got one Thursday a week. I either kick no matter how much it sucks, or, I don’t kick at all. 
The big news is my knees; mostly my right knee. Pain in the kneecaps from bending down has gotten a hundred times worse over the last few weeks. Now I’ve started favoring it, causing other weird things to happen, including a really poor footbag game. 
It’s my understanding that this is the knee’s equivalent of “Tennis Elbow.” The problem is the hamstrings get so tight, they pull on the kneecap too hard, pulling the kneecap out of proper alignment and causing tendon and cartilage pain. The “treatment” is to stretch out the hamstrings. I’ve been doing that – gently – over the last week. It’s obviously not enough; the pain has just gotten worse so far. I’ve got to quadruple, or even quintuple, my stretching efforts. This much pain is debilitating. The term “Foot”-Age is really hitting home right now.
I did actually do a lot of stretching during the session, with the idea that lots of stretching while warm and in use is probably most effective. It seemed like my knee got just the tiniest bit better towards the end of the session. Is that a ray of hope?
Since I was only able to put in a scant hour today, and because of my knee problems and other footbag session issues, I’m thinking about trying to change my kicking schedule to shorter sessions more times per week. This is a huge problem though; I’ve been locked into my once-a-week “free” evening schedule for over 10 years, and expect to be locked into it for another 5 years, at least. 
While school is in session, I take vacation time from work during the day to kick on Speakers Circle, then take my weekly “evening off” for other personal activities. I was hoping to go to evenings while school is out, and build up a little vacation time again. But, if I want to kick twice a week for now, I’m going to have to take regular vacation time from work to do it. Maybe Mondays? I wouldn’t mind a standing weekly 2-3 hour Vacay Monday afternoon to go play footbag. That’s about how much vacation I earn each week.
Time to assess my options, and make some decisions… 
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