Knee, Good. Camera, Bad.

Short but sweet video from City Hall this evening: 

…and yes, the blog readers DO get the fish story behind the already-broken new camera. One of the small bonuses, eh? 
I’ve been stretching the heck out of my hamstrings. 2-3 big sessions throughout the day, plus little stolen stretches here and there. It seems to be working. My knee feels way better than last week. It still hurt, and finally stopped me from kicking at the very end, but… I was able to kick without too much pain for over 2 solid hours. 
Even better, I was able to keep a few guiltless strings going today. I got quite a few 3-add strings of 10 or more, and this video shows a 14 contact one. Yes, it’s pathetic from an absolute sense, but it’s a huge improvement over the last couple of months, for me. 
One of the best “compensations” I’ve found for the knee is to really stay up on my toes. When my heel strikes the ground, it’s like “jolt-of-pain” city. It’s still causing me to play way too high overall, but this week has seen incredible improvement. I’m hopeful I can get more difficulty back into my game for the first time in weeks. 
2:00 / 52:10 – Thanks for tuning in! 

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