Gorillas and Stairs and Preachers, Oh My!

Getting there early and getting a jump on the preachers doesn’t work. 
The moment I move out of the center of the circle to take a drink, or towel off, or anything else, they just barge right in. I’ve never dealt directly with this guy before. I dub him “The Judger” because the central refrain of his spiel kept coming back to, “I am here to judge you.” 
When he first barged in, I tried to make a deal with him, that he could have one side, and I got the other. But the moment I moved around a bit, away from the center, he just moved right in. As a result, I spent a lot of time kicking directly in front of him. 
I contrasted him. I outlasted him. Both my radio and the Accordion Playing Gorilla outblasted him. He packed up and left after an hour. 
Having the Accordion Playing Gorilla show up was definitely the highlight of my day. I had an absolute blast kicking to his music! 
I seem to have developed a new filming style, too. It’s called “accidentally leaving the camera on.” I’ve done this, I think, the last 3 times in a row now, including Thursday’s session. I didn’t even realize I was filming that rally. This especially sucks because I’m still using MiniDV tape; it’s expensive and the ingest time is a bore. I’ve got to get a handle on that, even if this accidentally taped rally was a winner this time. 
I thought I needed to get a handle on my footbag rotation, but this may not be true. I was rotating through 5 different bags already, and just wound up with 3 more. Rather than hold some back, I’ve ended up putting all 8 in rotation. Rather than having the same specific order every time, I’m just going to mix them up and plop them down in random order, with one exception: my PhatTyre Sport bag named Rasta always goes first. And, The Man, my blue/white Abshire bag, is gets last or next to last. And, there’s got to be at least one other bag in between the the two Black/Gold, Gold/Black Abshires named MIZ and ZOU
More props to another fellow footbag player goes out to Allan Haggett who does the most awesome incredible multilevel footbag moves. He has inspired me to have a little fun of my own on the stairs on Speakers Circle. 
Guiltless rallies still elude me though. It’s like my skill just dropped off a cliff. Since midwinter, before I got my new shoes, I’ve barely even hit a string of 10 – no matter how hard I’ve tried. 6 months ago, my benchmark was 20+. That’s a precipitous drop. I just can’t do it. It’s hard to explain. 
After the preacher came, barged into the circle on me, spent an hour on his spiel, and finally left, I stepped into the circle to make the following announcement: 
“I think the one big difference between that guy and me, is that I am not here to judge anyone. I’m just here because I love to play Hacky Sack. I think you’re all beautiful, wonderful, and incredible – just the way you are. I appreciate everyone letting me be out here. Thank you!” 
2:25/42:30 – Thanks for tuning in! 

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