Catching Up on Falling Behind

It’s been almost a month since my last blog post. Shame on me. But even more concerning, from a footbag perspective, is that my difficulty level seems to have fallen off a cliff. Witness last week’s video: 

To be clear, this is not the fault of the new Abshire bags I just unboxed. I had some decent rallies that day, I just didn’t get them on tape. But the definition of “Decent” has degraded to a more just a measure of length, not difficulty level. I haven’t plotted it yet, but this has been going on since last fall. I just can’t hold guiltless rallies like I used to. 
Part of it, lately, is the new shoes. They felt so perfect and so wonderful when I tried them on at the shoe store. Two weeks later, I hated them. The left shoe was way too tight. Do my feet really swell up that much? I finally crammed a block of wood and cloth in it for a day and a half. That has stretched it out, but the new shoes still feel really clunky when I kick in them. It’s been so long since I broke in my last pair of shoes, I don’t remember what it was like. I don’t think it was this bad. 
The core issue, though, is joint pain and strength. My knees hurt all the time now, and I just can’t put that much bent-knee pressure on them. But I really blame my back for this. My sciatica has been the worst it’s ever been in springtime. It usually bugs me in the winter, and gets better in the spring. Not this year. It gives my hip joints, knees, quadraceps, and ankles ‘phantom’ pain. And no matter how much I tell myself it’s just phantom, my body refuses to ignore it. 
The end result is, I just don’t have the strength and accuracy to play at the 3+ add level much anymore. This week’s best guiltless string was probably in the low teens. Even when I was going crazy for my student project filming a few weeks ago, I’m not sure I broke 20 contacts. A year ago, I could almost always break that; suddenly now, I rarely attain it. 
I certainly hope I can get back to the typical 20+ guiltless contact level, but there are no guarantees. I’m getting older, and life isn’t getting any easier. I didn’t even get to kick at all Spring Break week, despite the beautiful weather. I had to work, work, fucking work. There’s no sign that will let up, either. 
Now, since it’s been so long, I’m trying to reconstruct my kicking time. Last post was just before a Thursday session. Using my Twitter stream and past YouTube posts to reconstruct my footbag timeline: 
Thursday 3/15 – 2:15, First session with my new shoes, and I gave away my Red/Black PhatTyre Sport to some students doing a scavenger hunt. Of course with the legendary Hack Man’s footbag, they definitely won their scavenger hunt challenge! 
Thursday 3/22 – 2:15 again. Between last week and this week, I got new PhatTyre footbags, and filmed my First Rallies with them. Thanks Toes and Flying Clipper Footbags
Thursday 3/29 – The tweet says it all: @h4x354x0r Today is my hallowed FOOTBAG THURSDAY! And… I’m pretty certain I’m going to get screwed out of kicking today. Work is hell. And, I most certainly did get screwed out of kicking that week. 
Friday 4/6 – Finally caught up with footbag log! I would have done more, but was squeezed between work appointments and family obligations. Barely 2 hrs. 
So, 6:30 total footbag time since last post, for 25:20 hours total for the year. Still doing great on annual time goal, now if I could only do bit better on the guiltless strings. Thanks for tuning in! 

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