Speakers Circle Reserved for Hack Man

My boom box and iPod were at work, but I had everything else in my trailer and I decided to take a gamble and ride straight to the circle on the hopes that some kind of audio (maybe drummers?) would be there.  
No such luck. But, the Ron Paul supporters had their tent in the middle of the circle, and the Bible Science Theater guy with his portable belt-worn PA system was off to the side. I buzzed back to my shop to grab the radio, and send out this little tweet: 
@h4x354x0r No Drummers yet. Getting radio. One preacher, but… The Ron Paul guys are saving Speakers Circle for me.
Hack Man 1pm. 
So I got there, started getting set up, and Naif Bartlett, the J-School student doing his project on me, showed up. I told him he should go get his camera. Now. Then, I checked in with the Ron Paul tent, and talked them into moving thier tent for me. As I was helping them move their stuff, I told them I bet the preacher guy would walk right into the circle, and they might have to back me up on the fact that they were “Saving the circle specifically for me.” 
Sure enough, Mr. BST Preacher guy shufflied into the center of the circle before I could even get back there myself. I just told him point blank that I had talked to the Ron Paul supporters before, and had actually arranged for them to hold the circle specifically for me, that a journalism student was going to be filming me today… all of which was absolutely true. 
“But this is better for hearing,” he says, which is true for the speaker in the center of the circle, but it’s the acoustic equivalent of an optical illusion, “…and surely people can still see you off back there?” he asks. 
No.” I insisted. “Seriously. I talked to them. I arranged this. They moved their stuff specifically for ME.” (long pause)… “Not you.” I gestured to the students standing at the tent. One of them glanced back. 

And…. he folded. “OK.” was all he said, and moved back off to the side where he was before. Yes! Hack Man Scores 2nd Consecutive Win Against Preachers! 
Now, let me tell you how out of control I got. Kicking the preacher out of the circle was just the start. Once I got warmed up, Naif showed up with the camera. It was SHOWTIME! I haven’t seen his video yet (and there’s no guarantee I’ll ever get it) but I’m pretty sure he caught a couple really sweet rallies. 
We ended up getting really obnoxious, setting up for various shots, getting in people’s way, egregiously using unwitting Speakers Circle crowds… and to top it off, I do an audio interview about an hour into one of the hardest sessions I’ve shed up in months. Remind me to never do that again. 
Really. New rule for all journalism projects and media contacts: I do NOT do audio interviews for 24 hours after I’ve started playing footbag. Every time I’ve ever done it, I’ve interviewed *very* poorly. Like, a brainless blithering idiot. Because that’s what happens when I play footbag; the “thinking” part of my brain goes into hibernation. I can barely even speak, let alone put together a coherent sentence. So… either interview first before I get started, or not until the next day. Mid-session interviews are a disaster.
Still, it was an absolutely beautiful day, I know Naif got some really choice video of me playing footbag, I totally f’ing spanked one of the preachers, and got to give a shout-out to the Ron Paul peeps for saving the circle for me and making it such a great footbag day.
Thanks Mizzou Youth for Ron Paul – You Rock! Good luck with your petition!

2:20 / 17:50 – sudden cramps hit at 2:20, I stopped there. Blistering 115 hr/yr pace so far, and all I wanna do is keep ‘er floored. Thanks for tuning in! 

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