Going Viral!

While I was skulking around in the secret hideout, My Hack Man vs Circle Preacher video was busting out in public big time! 

It all started with a Facebook friend, The Digital Ninja, that I picked up last year during our 1st “Snowpocalypse.” I saw a picture of him, pulling a sled (one of those big-ass red plastic toboggans) down a snow-covered road, packed and piled high with beer and other spirits. I didn’t know him, but I knew I had to friend him. 

A year later, he shared a link to a new Facebook page called Mizzou Meme. That was some funny shit with good local humor, so I had to go like that page. In the process, I posted an innocent “So… when are you going to lampoon that old, shirtless Speaker Circle Hacky Sack guy?” on the page. I was hoping to get some responses from people that didn’t realize who I was. 

Damned if The Digital Ninja didn’t out me within about 5 minutes. It took the Mizzou Meme peeps all of another 15 minutes to get me all memed up: The Most Interesting Man in the World one of actor Jonathan Goldsmith, with the caption, “I don’t always play Hacky Sack” at the top, and “But when I do, I learn from the Speaker Circle Hacky Sack guy” at the bottom. Plenty of Mizzou peeps saw that! 

A short while later, another student posted a link to my YouTube account on the Mizzou Meme post. The ball was rolling, although I didn’t know it yet. I was just getting started with my weekly footbag session at the Secret Hideout. The next morning, another student who had started following me on Twitter, Big E (Eric), posted the video to Reddit. It ended up spending several hours on the front page there. 

All day Friday, with the video featured on Reddit, I saw my video view numbers climb. 2,000 by noon. 5,000 by 5pm. Almost 8,000 before I went to bed last night. When I woke up this morning to check, the view count had jumped to almost 25,000! The interest has finally died down now, with a view count holding steady just under 27,000. I call that “Slightly Viral.” (Truly viral videos get 10+ times that)

UPDATE: The website RightThisMinute has now posted a segment about the video: Hack Man vs Campus Preacher – who will win? that takes a reasonably funny, and kind to me, assessment of the video.

So, I’ve finally gone slightly viral! I’m pretty sure the ~27K view count was driven up by people putting the video on Auto-Play to run up the view count, and the number will probably eventually be reduced to reflect unique hits. Still, I find it rather pleasing to get so much attention. 

One other thing needs a little attention now: my actual footbag session this week at the Secret Hideout. I got out there about 6:30, only to discover the building schedule has changed again, and I can’t get in there until after 8pm. It was during the hour-long wait that all the Mizzou Meme activity took place. 

When I finally got to kick, I had my computer with me, so I started tweeting about it: “Sweet! Secret Hideout is MINE MINE MINE! And I’ve got my computer and I can tweet about it. Footbag / Hacky Sack session starts NOW”

A short while later, while I was still really just warming up: “Uh oh… first shot of sciatica pain already. damn…” Yeah, my back has been pretty fucked up since my blowout 2 x 2 hour sessions last week. 

But that obviously didn’t stop me. Sticking to my 5-footbag rotation, it takes me almost 20 minutes to get to my 5th bag – my favorite – my blue and white Abshire bag I’ve named The Man. Out comes another tweet: “I swear it always takes 1 footbag rotation to get all warmed up. When I get to the last of my 5 bags, “The Man,” It all just clicks.” 

Somewhere in the middle of the next bag rotation, I’m obviously hurting a bit… “Gaaa! Not stretching my hamstrings enough. Classic case of “tennis elbow” but in my knees instead. #footbag problems” 

Still didn’t stop me. My tweets fell silent for a while as I got down to business. Finally, “Pushing past an hour on my footbag session! Back and knees have loosened up, feeling OK, not stopping now!” I’ve learned to trust this will happen, that my body will warm up, loosen up, and the pain will melt away as the shredding solidifies. 

There was only one more thing on my bucket list: “OK, now starts the add counting round… #footbag session is still on!” Not adds, technically, but guiltless strings. I was listening to internet radio – Last.fm – and it turned out that 3 of the 5 songs for this round were really short. I was obviously still hurting a bit too, and maybe a bit worn out by now. I was disappointed to report: 

Whoa… DISMAL numbers for guiltless strings tonight:
Mr. Softie: 9
Repeat: 10
The Man: 13
Hurtin’ a bit… 

I can usually at least break 10 with all my bags, and almost always break 20 with one of my Abshire bags. As usual, The Man won best bag, but only 13?!? Sheesh… 

Still, I got to kick! I love playing footbag, an even when I’m not playing well technically, I can still have a blast on the funky chicken dance side of things. 

1:45 / 11:00 – Thanks for tuning in! 

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