First Exalted, Then Spurned!

Midwinter footbag just doesn’t get any better than this. I’ve managed to squeeze in TWO 2-hour footbag sessions on Speaker’s Circle this week! First, a special Monday session, where I mix it up with one of the Circle Preachers: 

Then, my usual Footbag Thursday provides another perfect day for kicking. Except this time, I’m totally spurned and mocked by the students… 

If you can hear the song playing in the background, get this: the student group there raising money for Camp Kesem – a camp for kids who’s parents have cancer – had the tunes all set up and cranking when I got there. Sweet! My radio is low on batteries anyway. 

I was about 30 seconds into the 2nd song, with my 2nd bag, when I realized it was the SAME song, again. This went on. They literally played the same one song, over and over, for two solid hours. It’s a darned good thing it was actually a good dance tune to play footbag to! They were out there for a great cause, and have raised quite a bit of money (I even donated a few bucks), and I’m still appreciative that they did supply the tunes, but… please… a bigger playlist next time?!?

At one point, the cops even came, and made them turn the music down a bit. I was like, “NO, NO, NO! Don’t make them turn it down, just make them play different songs!” They wouldn’t listen though. Those cops have their priorities so screwed up… 

I’m pleasantly surprised at how I feel after a 2nd 2-hour session in one week. My legs didn’t cramp. My ankle didn’t hurt. My sciatica didn’t act up. I played strong, and threw down some moves. I approve of this result.

2:00 / 2:00 / 9:15 – I’m so far ahead of my annual goal, it’s almost scary. Feels good though! Thanks for tuning in… 

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