Back to Reality, Beyond Time Goals

Lots of good news tonight! I had to move my footbag session up a day to accomodate a big family event tomorrow, but today was obviously “Good Enough.” 

I’m such a n00b at going viral. After continuing to see my view count go up on my viral video – over 42,000 views now – I finally thought to search Google for “Hack Man vs Preacher.” I had no idea…. There are 2 main versions of the video now that have found their way onto well over 20 different websites. Holy cow! About the only place it hasn’t shown up is directly on YouTube’s featured videos. 
But, the glory of being viral means nothing in the Secret Hideout. Just me, my brain, my body, and my bags. Back to reality, and a couple problems: Somehow, my iPod lost all it’s playlists. But all the music was still there, so I dove for artists and albums. First choice? Fatboy Slim. It did not disappoint. The part that does disappoint is the fact that the headphone jack on my iPod is fucked, and keeps cutting out. I had to wedge the audio cable and the ipod between my radio and a Tweaker Tool to get a reasonably consistent connection. 
Of course almost every one of those Fatboy Slim songs is 5-7 minutes long, so each rotation of my bags takes almost 30 minutes. I did my Guiltless String counting on the 2nd bag rotation instead of waiting until the end of my session. Much better than last week, but… still a little weak: 
Phatty Pro: 15 
Mr. Softy: 15 
Phatty Original: 18 
Repeat: 16 
The Man: 12 
Not sure what happened to The Man there; he’s usually, well, The Man when it comes to this. No H8 though; even The Man deserves a break sometimes. At least I was fairly consistent tonight, and broke 10 with every bag. Shoulda been able to break 20 with at least one of ’em, though. 
I’ve also started working with a student on another “Hack Man” class project. This one is more involved than most. It will take several weeks, and includes photos, audio, video, etc. Last week’s part was a photo shoot. Since we didn’t have a good indoor place to use, and I’m a bit of a stickler for realism, we ended up doing the photo shoot on Speakers Circle. It was well below freezing: 26F/-3.3C. I spent a good 15 minutes playing footbag out there in shorts and a T-shirt. Thank goodness is was at least sunny and calm! You bet I’m claiming that 15 minutes against my annual goal. In fact, I feel like I should get to charge double for that. I was chilled to the bones the rest of the day. 
Tonight, I was planning to just do an hour, maybe 1:15, and tack on the photo shoot time. But… I just can’t stop! I blew out another solid 2 hour session. That puts me at 13:15 for the year, in just 7 weeks. This is nearly a 100-hour per year pace. I’ve never been anywhere near this far ahead this early in the year before. It seems like my 5-footbag rotation helps drive my session length a bit; I can’t stop in the middle of a rotation; I have to play through all 5 bags before I stop. This keeps making me blow through stopping points. 

It seems like a couple years ago, a solid 2-hour session was my absolute limit. Today, it seems like nothing. I must give credit to a friend and fellow footbag player, Ben Benulis. He competes in Tough Mudder, too. I observe, slack-jawed in awe, of what this guy can do. He’s been kind enough to coach me on diet, and hell yes it makes a huge difference. “Fruits and veggies” he reminds me. “Lay off the pizza. Fruits and veggies.” Well, my muscle stamina has improved by a good 30% so far. I’m not getting cramps, at all. And damn you Ben, now I’m totally addicted to bananas! 

I’ve decided I’m going to set a small “side” goal: I want to be able to do a solid 3-hour session, at least once this summer, without suffering muscle cramps. My diet still has a LOT more room for improvement; if I can keep eating smarter, I’m confident I can do it. 
0:15 / 2:00 / 13:15 – Thanks for tuning in! 

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