Just. Gotta. Push. Myself.

A little bit, at least. Not rashly, not harshly, but steadily. Push myself. 

Catching up on events: I totally blew off footbag the week after my 2012 start. What can I say? It was Beer, Tools, and Electricity. When there’s an opportunity to mix those three… 

Since then, I’ve been back at the Secret Hideout, faithfully putting in some kicking time. The good thing is, I’ve got access to the building at 6, instead of 8, for this semester. That gives me a much bigger window of opportunity. Last week, the cleaning crew caught me, and ended my session, but I still managed 1:45. 

The “workout” pattern I’ve settled into is to count 3+ add rallies with each bag for a bit, as I rotate through them with each song. My numbers were pretty dismal, for the most part. The Man took best of show at 28; Mr. Softy 2nd with 19, and low to mid teens for the rest. 

But I’m trying to push myself. At least a little bit. I love playing footbag, and I’d probably still do it even if I could only do basic kicks. But even if I suck compared to today’s top freestylers, I still love being able to cut a few moves. Friends have thrown down gauntlets; Maybe I haven’t picked them up, but they’re still on the table, and I keep looking at the damned things… 

I’m very eager for spring. Of course we’ve hardly had a winter, but I’m looking for that first nice day that will draw the students out to the circle. Until then, I’m trying to apply gentle pressure in the Secret Hideout so I am fit and ready for spring. Speaking of that, I believe I’ve gained about 6-7 lbs since Christmas. I’ve stopped the increase, but taking it back off is gonna take real work. 

Push. Myself. 

1:45 / 1:30 / 5:15 – Thanks for tuning in! 

New Years, Old Years…

Happy New Years, everyone! My first footbag session of 2012 sure started off right, with a 2nd freak, mid-winter, super-warm Thursday in a row: 

The first freak-warm Thursday capped a fantastic 75-hour plus year for 2011: 

I didn’t do the typical New Years post a week ago, but I feel the need for some New Year’s accounting now. According to last year’s blah blah blah post about it, My 2011 goals were: 

1. 60 hours of footbag. I did 75! I had a great year, lots of great sessions, stayed healthy, had a special “48th Birthday, 30 Years of Footbag” celebration session. It seems like I’ve lost some add ratio / technical density over the last year. But, as always, I love kicking and have a great time; even as a slowly fading, old-school styler. 

2. 3,000 Km on bike. Well… I’m certain I didn’t make that goal, but I don’t know how far I actually did go. My cyclocomputer display got so bad it became completely unreadable. I’d estimate I barely did over 2,000 Km; a far cry from my stated goal. What can I say? It was another bad bike year. 

My 2012 Goals are: 

1. 60 hours of footbag! (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?) 
2. 2,400 Km on the bike (I got a new dual-bike computer for that  
3. Do *something* kinda crazy (to be determined rashly) 

2:00 / 2:00 – I’m a bit bummed to reset the counter, but… a great start to a new year! Thanks for tuning in!