The trying session

My Thanksgiving holiday vacation is over. It was fun while it lasted! I went to Universal Studios Island of Adventures and rode the roller coasters over and over again with my kids. I also got to see the launch of the Mars Science Laboratory; the first rocket launch I’ve ever gotten to see in person. 

But, back to footbag. Tonight wasn’t the best. I was sporting a headache, abdominal pains, and some of the worst sciatica I’ve had in years. Half the muscles in my left leg felt like they were cramping. My vastus medialis keeps feeling like it’s got electricity running through it, tingling or burning. 

Problem is, I already took a week off. I don’t get 2nd chances to kick, especially in the winter. It’s Thursday, 8-10p in the secret hideout, or nothing. So, I kick. And it was tough. My headache was fleeting enough, it didn’t bother me. But the abdominal pains wouldn’t go away. I was rippin’ em, that’s for sure, but not footbag moves. It’s a damn good think a bathroom is nearby at the Secret Hideout. My sciatica usually calms down once I get moving too, but, not tonight. Now if feels like I’ve got knives jabbing in some of my muscles. 

With much on my mind, I’m pushing it to claim I did 1:15 tonight. I probably spent almost half the session pacing the floor in agitated thought. It’s a moral hazard of kicking alone. When I kick in public, I’m totally focused on keeping the show going. 

The results were… as expected. I did manage to hit at least one each of my ‘bigger’ moves. But mostly, I struggled. 

Still, I did it. I pushed through, pushed on, pushed it out. I think next week will be better. It’s been so long since I took a week off, I’d forgotten what it’s like to get back in the groove. After tonight, I’ve got 4 more possible sessions for the year. The good news is, Xmas and New Years aren’t close to Thursday, so I won’t lose any more sessions to holidays. 

1:15 / 69:30 – Thanks for tuning in! 

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