The Session That Satisfies

Whee! This week’s session was WAY better than last week’s! I wasn’t feeling particularly enthusiastic; my sciatica was doing it’s usual Thursday acting up, and I was experiencing another case of mild intestinal distress. I think I’m gonna have to stop getting a veggie slice at Shakes’ Pizza for lunch. That’s just about the only common food Item I can think of related to this problem. 

I was also in a much clearer state of mind today than last week. I’ve gotten to fix several things over the last couple of days. It always makes me feel better when I can figure out a problem and take something that was broken and make it whole again. 

Still, with a distinct lack of enthusiasm, I occupied my Secret Hideout, and started kicking. One small pleasure was that I’ve been issued a new iPad at work, so I’ve got all my music on it. My old iPod’s headphone jack is so worn out it’s hard to get both channels to play. Ironically, this brand new iPad has a similar problem, but not nearly as bad. So it was nice to have a fairly reliable music source tonight. I could have taken my laptop, but it’s one more clunky thing to carry around. 

Now, for the good news: the session may have started slow and uninspired, but I picked up the pace pretty quickly, and never let off. I’m still off my mark technically, and choreography-wise as well, but once I got warmed up I had some really nice rallies. I hit all my typical go-for moves, including a diving butterfly on one side, but… not on the other side. 

Probably the best news is, I ended up putting in a full 2-hour session tonight. And that was actually kicking, not just pacing the floor. I got going right away when the space became available. The cleaning crew usually shows up between 9-10 and interrupts me, but they were late tonight, and I just kept going. Why stop, when you’re having so much fun? Just as I realized I had gone past the 2 hour mark, and decided to pack it in, they showed up. Perfect timing… Iz Happy! 

2:00 / 71:30 – Thanks for tuning in! 

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