Next to the last is a blast!

This is almost it! The next to the last Thursday of the year, my next-to-last session of the year. 

Let’s see… Building is clear @ 5, early access! Feeling good ’cause I helped put the smack-down on our first big intersession work project already. Feeling very stoked to have such a great footbag year already, over 72 hours before tonight’s session started. I’M so thankful for the Secret Hideout, when it all comes down to it. This is my 3rd season here, meriting a spot in the top 3-4 most stable winter venues ever. I’m still wistful for the magical 5-year run I got out of the ARC, but… The Secret Hideout is genuinely worthy – especially for the price – as a winter shred venue. 

So, I got my iPad, set up my boombox and all my stuff, my footbags, towel, and water, and did my footbag thing. And even though I didn’t seem to be playing so well, time just flew by, and before I knew it I was already past 1:15. In fact I ended up pushing myself solidly past 2 hours. The last nearly 25 minutes was counting guiltless strings, each bag to each song in turn (PhatTyre Pro, Mr. Softy, Original Fattie, Repeat, and The Man). Then, 3 more rallies with each bag in turn. The only one I’ll share is a 25 contact string with The Man near the very end. So of course he won one more bonus song round. You getting a feeling for why this session kept going on so long? 

So, I’ve got one more possible session left this year. Again, I’ve already had what I consider an absolutely awesome year, I feel very pleased with the situation. I don’t need to make anything in particular happen that last session. But, I do still want (and plan) to play that last footbag session! 

2:00 / 74:15 – Thanks for tuning in! 

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