Local Hacky Sack Guru is Hall of Famer

OK, so my footbag session at the Secret Hideout basically sucked this week. So, I offer you, instead, a great article recently done on me by an MU student: 

As for the session itself, the floor was a mess from all the rain recently. And, I forgot to wash my footbags. The PhatTyre bags stay soft, but the facile Abshire bags get a little crusty. At least the music was good. Got the iPad rocking again, and have my Twitter account set up on it now, so I can sorta live-tweet my session. 

Sad fact is, I’ve got things on my mind again this week, and spent too much time pacing the floor in agitation. I wasn’t counting contacts very much, but I’d be surprised if I hit more than a dozen guiltless in a single string. 

I wasn’t planning on doing any more than an hour, and I was satisfied to throw in the towel when the timer went, Ding! (plus a little bit extra to make up for the pacing) I can tell it’s gonna be a hard slog through winter this year. I want my warm summer days on Speaker Circle. 

1:00 / 72:15 – Thanks for tuning in!

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