Next to the last is a blast!

This is almost it! The next to the last Thursday of the year, my next-to-last session of the year. 

Let’s see… Building is clear @ 5, early access! Feeling good ’cause I helped put the smack-down on our first big intersession work project already. Feeling very stoked to have such a great footbag year already, over 72 hours before tonight’s session started. I’M so thankful for the Secret Hideout, when it all comes down to it. This is my 3rd season here, meriting a spot in the top 3-4 most stable winter venues ever. I’m still wistful for the magical 5-year run I got out of the ARC, but… The Secret Hideout is genuinely worthy – especially for the price – as a winter shred venue. 

So, I got my iPad, set up my boombox and all my stuff, my footbags, towel, and water, and did my footbag thing. And even though I didn’t seem to be playing so well, time just flew by, and before I knew it I was already past 1:15. In fact I ended up pushing myself solidly past 2 hours. The last nearly 25 minutes was counting guiltless strings, each bag to each song in turn (PhatTyre Pro, Mr. Softy, Original Fattie, Repeat, and The Man). Then, 3 more rallies with each bag in turn. The only one I’ll share is a 25 contact string with The Man near the very end. So of course he won one more bonus song round. You getting a feeling for why this session kept going on so long? 

So, I’ve got one more possible session left this year. Again, I’ve already had what I consider an absolutely awesome year, I feel very pleased with the situation. I don’t need to make anything in particular happen that last session. But, I do still want (and plan) to play that last footbag session! 

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Local Hacky Sack Guru is Hall of Famer

OK, so my footbag session at the Secret Hideout basically sucked this week. So, I offer you, instead, a great article recently done on me by an MU student: 

As for the session itself, the floor was a mess from all the rain recently. And, I forgot to wash my footbags. The PhatTyre bags stay soft, but the facile Abshire bags get a little crusty. At least the music was good. Got the iPad rocking again, and have my Twitter account set up on it now, so I can sorta live-tweet my session. 

Sad fact is, I’ve got things on my mind again this week, and spent too much time pacing the floor in agitation. I wasn’t counting contacts very much, but I’d be surprised if I hit more than a dozen guiltless in a single string. 

I wasn’t planning on doing any more than an hour, and I was satisfied to throw in the towel when the timer went, Ding! (plus a little bit extra to make up for the pacing) I can tell it’s gonna be a hard slog through winter this year. I want my warm summer days on Speaker Circle. 

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The Session That Satisfies

Whee! This week’s session was WAY better than last week’s! I wasn’t feeling particularly enthusiastic; my sciatica was doing it’s usual Thursday acting up, and I was experiencing another case of mild intestinal distress. I think I’m gonna have to stop getting a veggie slice at Shakes’ Pizza for lunch. That’s just about the only common food Item I can think of related to this problem. 

I was also in a much clearer state of mind today than last week. I’ve gotten to fix several things over the last couple of days. It always makes me feel better when I can figure out a problem and take something that was broken and make it whole again. 

Still, with a distinct lack of enthusiasm, I occupied my Secret Hideout, and started kicking. One small pleasure was that I’ve been issued a new iPad at work, so I’ve got all my music on it. My old iPod’s headphone jack is so worn out it’s hard to get both channels to play. Ironically, this brand new iPad has a similar problem, but not nearly as bad. So it was nice to have a fairly reliable music source tonight. I could have taken my laptop, but it’s one more clunky thing to carry around. 

Now, for the good news: the session may have started slow and uninspired, but I picked up the pace pretty quickly, and never let off. I’m still off my mark technically, and choreography-wise as well, but once I got warmed up I had some really nice rallies. I hit all my typical go-for moves, including a diving butterfly on one side, but… not on the other side. 

Probably the best news is, I ended up putting in a full 2-hour session tonight. And that was actually kicking, not just pacing the floor. I got going right away when the space became available. The cleaning crew usually shows up between 9-10 and interrupts me, but they were late tonight, and I just kept going. Why stop, when you’re having so much fun? Just as I realized I had gone past the 2 hour mark, and decided to pack it in, they showed up. Perfect timing… Iz Happy! 

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The trying session

My Thanksgiving holiday vacation is over. It was fun while it lasted! I went to Universal Studios Island of Adventures and rode the roller coasters over and over again with my kids. I also got to see the launch of the Mars Science Laboratory; the first rocket launch I’ve ever gotten to see in person. 

But, back to footbag. Tonight wasn’t the best. I was sporting a headache, abdominal pains, and some of the worst sciatica I’ve had in years. Half the muscles in my left leg felt like they were cramping. My vastus medialis keeps feeling like it’s got electricity running through it, tingling or burning. 

Problem is, I already took a week off. I don’t get 2nd chances to kick, especially in the winter. It’s Thursday, 8-10p in the secret hideout, or nothing. So, I kick. And it was tough. My headache was fleeting enough, it didn’t bother me. But the abdominal pains wouldn’t go away. I was rippin’ em, that’s for sure, but not footbag moves. It’s a damn good think a bathroom is nearby at the Secret Hideout. My sciatica usually calms down once I get moving too, but, not tonight. Now if feels like I’ve got knives jabbing in some of my muscles. 

With much on my mind, I’m pushing it to claim I did 1:15 tonight. I probably spent almost half the session pacing the floor in agitated thought. It’s a moral hazard of kicking alone. When I kick in public, I’m totally focused on keeping the show going. 

The results were… as expected. I did manage to hit at least one each of my ‘bigger’ moves. But mostly, I struggled. 

Still, I did it. I pushed through, pushed on, pushed it out. I think next week will be better. It’s been so long since I took a week off, I’d forgotten what it’s like to get back in the groove. After tonight, I’ve got 4 more possible sessions for the year. The good news is, Xmas and New Years aren’t close to Thursday, so I won’t lose any more sessions to holidays. 

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