Going Underground for Winter

Yes, the Secret Hideout has been put back in action! But first, the “Does Not Represent” video from last week’s epic scorched-earth outdoor session (which would not be caught on tape): 

Rarely have I burned up the circle like I did last week, without some proof. I was throwing down all my best moves; torques, whirls, drifters, paradox whirls, new ducks and dives, even a paradox drifter and a barfly. But I choked so hard every time I turned the camera on! D’oh!

That was probably my last outdoor session of the best fall kicking season I can remember in a while. It was a great run, but I’ve finally run out of weather luck. Hello, Secret Hideout. I will face you with dignity.

I’ve not been there since midsummer, until I scouted it last week. Key still worked, place seemed the same. It was supposed to be empty by 8pm. I was so anxious to get going on last night’s session, I had a super-close call with the last student workers leaving. I was at the door, fumbling for my key, when I realized there were still people inside, heading straight for me! Thank God for modern technology; they were busy texting, and totally oblivious. They never noticed me. Whew! 

Once I got inside, I set my sights on an hour long session. Better yet, an hour and a half. As I got started, I realized again: This place isn’t so bad. It’s warm, well lit, and big enough with a high enough ceiling for some serious kicking. In fact, this place is pretty good. I’ve got access to Internet Radio! 

My session started with Last.fm streaming out a killer set of funky beat shredding tracks, and I cranked it up! I also discovered that so many footbags (I’ve never had 5 in my rotation before) don’t fit on the shelf where I usually put them with my radio and computer (instead of iPod) for music. But… 4 footbags will, and I’m always using one of ’em. So, it’s still good

The great news is, I’ve made a real breakthrough in my ducking / diving set. I’ve finally got the feel for getting the set at the right height; I’m almost always doing the duck / dive part successfully, but still not always landing the next stall. I swear I’ll catch one on tape soon!  

I also have a confession to make: When I’m kicking in private and enjoying the music, sometimes I’ll keep dancing for a few moments after I drop the bag. Sometimes, the body movement feels so good, the body just has to keep moving. Especially if it was a really good, saucy rally! 

One other small bonus of having my computer at the Secret Hideout… it was super easy to type a few quick thoughts I had during the session, to help me with my blog post later. Writing this blog post a day later, those notes have been a tremendous help in remembering the details of the session.  

I faded pretty hard near the hour mark, and then, my phone rang. It was a friend with a dire emergency: he had a new ceiling fan he needed help installing, and bottles of good beer crying, no… they were absolutely bawling, “Drink Me! Driiiiiiink Meeeeeee!” 

Now, I don’t know about you, but the sound of wailing, needs-to-be-drank malt beverages, mixed with a project involving tools and electricity, is an utterly irresistible siren song to me. Big, bold, red letters start flashing in my head like a highway detour sign: 


I had to steel my concentration just long enough to do one last thing: A 25 contact guiltless run with Mr. Softie. 

2:00 / 1:15 / 66:15 – Thanks for tuning in! 

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