Ur missin’ it! WAIT… NO. I’M. NOT!

While stuck in a 1pm meeting, I was mentally forming my next tweet: 

Last Friday, weather forecast said, “Thurs looks good for kicking!” This Tues., forecast says, “Too bad, U missed the good weather. Sucker.”

By the time I got back to my office, I was getting depres… wait, no, fuck that shit. I’m skipping work to kick! 

In less than an hour, I was on Speakers Circle. And where were the circle-hogging preachers? Who cares! I’v always been the hardest core Speaker Circle Freak Show. I’m the first one there in the spring, the last one there in the fall. The preachers have all slunk away. The circle is MINE MINE MINE

I took advantage of that. Just getting one more outdoor session was enough to peg the stoke-meter. I wasn’t actually hitting near as many harder moves; I think torques were the only 4-add move I was landing. But, I was keeping the bag off the ground and having some great rallies with the rest of my moves. This week, unlike last filming session, I got a total of 6 rallies with over 30 2+ add contacts, on tape. I feel vindicated after the film-choke of my last session. 

The best part? I finally caught a pair of dives, live, on tape. I’ve been working on them, and really started getting the feel for the set a few weeks ago. Now, it’s all falling into place. Many thanks to Ben who gave me the encouragement, and a few pointers, to get here. Next up, get one more dex in there for a diving butterfly. 

I started kicking at 3. It gets dark about 5. I not only drove that session right into the dark, a couple guys showed up just as I was about to quit. We ended up hacking for another half hour, straining our eyes to see the bag by streetlights. These guys were solid kickers, too, with a couple of tricks each they finally busted out for me. Let’s hope they’re still interested, and show up again, next spring. 

Next week, no footbag. Family obs, instead. That’s OK, I haven’t taken a week off for awhile, and I’ve already buried my goal of 60 hours for the year. I’m already almost at my goal-after-the-goal: 70 hours. After that, no more goals, just seeing where final tally lands. 

2:00 / 68:15 – Thanks for tuning in! 

Going Underground for Winter

Yes, the Secret Hideout has been put back in action! But first, the “Does Not Represent” video from last week’s epic scorched-earth outdoor session (which would not be caught on tape): 

Rarely have I burned up the circle like I did last week, without some proof. I was throwing down all my best moves; torques, whirls, drifters, paradox whirls, new ducks and dives, even a paradox drifter and a barfly. But I choked so hard every time I turned the camera on! D’oh!

That was probably my last outdoor session of the best fall kicking season I can remember in a while. It was a great run, but I’ve finally run out of weather luck. Hello, Secret Hideout. I will face you with dignity.

I’ve not been there since midsummer, until I scouted it last week. Key still worked, place seemed the same. It was supposed to be empty by 8pm. I was so anxious to get going on last night’s session, I had a super-close call with the last student workers leaving. I was at the door, fumbling for my key, when I realized there were still people inside, heading straight for me! Thank God for modern technology; they were busy texting, and totally oblivious. They never noticed me. Whew! 

Once I got inside, I set my sights on an hour long session. Better yet, an hour and a half. As I got started, I realized again: This place isn’t so bad. It’s warm, well lit, and big enough with a high enough ceiling for some serious kicking. In fact, this place is pretty good. I’ve got access to Internet Radio! 

My session started with Last.fm streaming out a killer set of funky beat shredding tracks, and I cranked it up! I also discovered that so many footbags (I’ve never had 5 in my rotation before) don’t fit on the shelf where I usually put them with my radio and computer (instead of iPod) for music. But… 4 footbags will, and I’m always using one of ’em. So, it’s still good

The great news is, I’ve made a real breakthrough in my ducking / diving set. I’ve finally got the feel for getting the set at the right height; I’m almost always doing the duck / dive part successfully, but still not always landing the next stall. I swear I’ll catch one on tape soon!  

I also have a confession to make: When I’m kicking in private and enjoying the music, sometimes I’ll keep dancing for a few moments after I drop the bag. Sometimes, the body movement feels so good, the body just has to keep moving. Especially if it was a really good, saucy rally! 

One other small bonus of having my computer at the Secret Hideout… it was super easy to type a few quick thoughts I had during the session, to help me with my blog post later. Writing this blog post a day later, those notes have been a tremendous help in remembering the details of the session.  

I faded pretty hard near the hour mark, and then, my phone rang. It was a friend with a dire emergency: he had a new ceiling fan he needed help installing, and bottles of good beer crying, no… they were absolutely bawling, “Drink Me! Driiiiiiink Meeeeeee!” 

Now, I don’t know about you, but the sound of wailing, needs-to-be-drank malt beverages, mixed with a project involving tools and electricity, is an utterly irresistible siren song to me. Big, bold, red letters start flashing in my head like a highway detour sign: 


I had to steel my concentration just long enough to do one last thing: A 25 contact guiltless run with Mr. Softie. 

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