Return to Red Shorts in October

Yes, the black shorts will be back. I plan to rotate each pair of shorts in turn. I also have a specific rotation for my footbags: the PhatTyre Sport, Mr. Softy, Fattie (original), Repeat, and The Man. I’m trying to stick to one full song per footbag, one taped rally per song. Discipline and Regimen. I haz them!

I would be inclined to tape later rallies with each bag, after I’ve adjusted to each one, but this week I was killing the first rally with each new bag/song, so I started filming that. Unfortunately my best super rally on tape won’t export out of my camera (MiniDV) correctly. Still, the one I could post isn’t too bad; 45 consecutive 2+ adds. 

I started early-ish. The weather has been phenomenal! Reaching ~60 deg. F. around 9:30, sunny, usually not too windy early in the morning. Having the students around is so motivating! I ended up putting in 2:45 and only stopped because I had afternoon appointments. One more epic session this length, and I will meet my annual footbag goal. Here’s hoping for continued great weather! 

2:45 / 57:15 – Thanks for tuning in! 

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