Kicking for OccupyCOMO

Hey, I was there first, but… I don’t mind showing up to kick for the cause now that the OccupyCOMO group has occupied one of my favorite kicking venues. They’re a lot more respectful than the preachers in Speakers Circle, that’s for sure! 

I’ve been overwhelmed by “blog slog” lately. I used to see how fast I could “turn around” one of my footbag sessions, with blog and video posted and announcements out to Twitter, FB, and the like. Sometimes, I could do it in 2 hours. Now, it seems to take me days to get around to ingesting, producing, and posting. 

Last week, I posted the vid, but didn’t tweet or post it anywhere but YouTube. I meant to write a blog post, but… after a couple days, the thoughts and meaning of the moment have leaked away. What would I write? After getting over my shock of dead batteries last week, I pretty much tore into my session. This week, the cold, wind, and a possibly busted camera couldn’t hold me back. I broke past my 60 hour per year goal today, with almost 10 weeks to spare. 

Now, with the summer season over and little prospect of a decent indoor winter place, I’ll be stuck to writing blog posts. Let’s hope I can keep them going. My goal is to capture at least 5 years of my “end of career” zenith. I’m only in 3 so far, I can’t give up now. 

2:00 / 1:45 / 61:00 – Thanks for tuning in!

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