Circling the Circle on a Friday Afternoon

Another awesome session! I bailed on my usual Footbag Thursday because the weather was marginal, and I was stuck working an important project anyway. But, I got my schedule cleared on Friday just long enough to enjoy the peak weather with a footbag session on Speakers Circle! 

This session was loaded with variety, so I went a bit crazy with the videos this week and posted 4 of them. When I got there, there was a “Jumproping for Muslim” thing going on, with the circle full of people jumping rope. Someone dressed in a gorilla suit was also there playing an accordion, and I taped a rally with me kicking to the Accordion Playing Gorilla (sorry you can’t really see the mask in the video). 

The jumproping group left shortly afterwards. Then, KCOU 88.1 FM showed up and started playing some tunes. I taped an impromptu promo rally for them that also features my Phat Tyre Sport. A Caped Shadow also came by, and Shadow Hacked with me. Plus, the Circle the Circle session feature rally (at top). 

Two other people also came by and kicked with me for a bit; one of them looks quite ready to take it to next level with some freestyle moves. I hope I can keep in touch with these guys over the winter. Still don’t have anything but the Secret Hideout, and I haven’t brought myself to that, just yet. 

I’m not giving up on outdoor sessions. There are still some occasional really nice days, and if I can skate out of work to play footbag, I plan to do just that. Weather forecasts say next Tuesday might be nice. Iz Hatching Planz! 

2:00 / 63:00 – Thanks for tuning in! 

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