Black Shorts Debut

That’s right, I’ve gotten a new pair of footbag shorts. Shout goes out to my honey for getting them for me; I love the new shorts, love you, thank you so much! 

Great weather, great time, felt great, kicked well, had an awesome time! Mizzou students are the best. I get all kinds of props from these peeps. I’ve got another in-depth student interview project in the works, did an impromptu 30-second interview for another project, and wound up on who knows how many other cell phones and cameras today. 

I remembered to search Twitter after my session, and found 5 tweet-outs. My favorite? the hashtag #badass. And, as usual, the words old and shirtless top the word cloud. Grooming the “Weird Old Guy” image? I’m doin’ it rite! 

Feeling great today too, smoking through 2:15 of high-energy oldschool before the first twinges of muscle cramps. I had a meeting coming up, I had to stop anyway. There was none of the popcorn calves or muscle cramps today; in fact I was able to hammer the bike pretty hard on my way home at the end of the day. 

Oh, I also decided to give my PhatTyre Pro to some some complete stranger, because he said he liked my videos and asked if I had an old footbag I could send him. Since my PhatTyre Pro was a gift to me, I decided to pass it on. Best wishes yoyoskater! Shred it up! 

2:00 last week, 2:15 this week, I’m up to 54:30. Thanks for tuning in! 

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