The Follow at Courthouse Square

On arrival at City Hall, I could hear a band playing in the distance…

Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!! It turns out to be The Follow, playing a block and a half away at Courthouse Square, where the Twilight Festivals used to be held on Thursdays, years ago. It’s probably been over 10 years since I first got to kick to them, and instantly became a devoted stalker fan when they played at the festivals. One time, they even had to ask me to stop kicking when they were playing in the tiny Walnut Street park. I was getting WAY too wild that evening.  

Since the end of the Twilight festivals, I kinda lost track of them. So finding them in town, by sheer luck, was a very special treat. The Follow was here this time to raise money and collect school supplies for Joplin Missouri US, which got struck by a devastating tornado this spring. This band is so awesome… in so many ways! Thank you for sharing your time and passion for music to help your brothers and sisters. You ROCK. 

The final bonus for the day: my daughter even showed up and kicked with me for a bit. 

Next week is my big 48th Birthday Footbag Bash. I’m headed back to Speakers Circle for a late morning session, roughly 10-noon. The best part? A record enrollment of students is back on campus! 

It’s been 3 weeks since the last blog post. Gotta do the accounting thing… 

2:00, 2:00, 1:30 / 46:30 – Thanks for tuning in! 

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