Three New Footbags!

There’s nothing like 3 new footbags to pump me up! All the other forces were against me: rain today, I had to start late to get dry pavement; plus, one of those “heavy lifting, massive contorting” kind of physical work days at work. My back was killing me as I was prepping to kick. It even felt very strained for a while after I started. 

But those three new Abshire footbags? They delivered the Total. Freaking. Smackdown. on the negatives. I wasn’t carving up the difficult moves, but I was still playing well and keeping the bag off the ground. I had an awesome time tonight! 

In fact, I had such a good time, I’m officially declaring today my 30th anniversary of playing footbag. I don’t really know the exact date, it was probably actually later in the summer, but I’m tired of waiting, and believe these 3 new footbags are my anniversary present. 

Yes, BTW, it was hot and extremely humid. I hit total saturation, even to the point where my socks started ‘sklishing’ inside my shoes. Remind me, I need to bring even more towels. Two aren’t enough.

LATE UPDATE: Flying Clipper is also going to send me one of their new Phat Tyre Footbags! I will soon have four footbags in my kicking rotation. I feel rich

2:00 / 37:00 – Thanks for tuning in!

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