The Half-Year Mark

Holy cow I completely saturated everything I was wearing today.
Hottest day here so far this year: 98+F, heat index over 105F. 
This, July 30th, is the half-year mark. It’s a great time to assess progress towards my footbag goal. How am I doing? I put in 2:15 last week, and 1:30 this week, so I’m at 35 hours for the year so far. I’m almost exactly 4 weeks ahead on my goal of 60 hours per year playing footbag. 
Some might think, “60 hours for a whole year? That’s nothing!” But, I usually only count solo freestyling towards that time. Sometimes I’d really like to kick more, but… the situation is what it is. When I do a 2-hour session, it takes me several days to fully recover. Even if my schedule allowed it, kicking just twice a week would probably be more than I could physically sustain. Remember, I’m old. 
Speaking of old, I’m only two weeks away from what I’m calling my 30th footbag anniversary. I don’t really know exactly when I first kicked a Hacky Sack, but it was *sometime* in July, I think, almost certainly after the 4th. The memory of my first hack circle 30 years ago outside a condo unit in Dillon, CO, is actually rather vivid. There’s just no timestamp on it. 
I’ll blog more about my 30th footbag anniversary when I actually get there.
1:30/35:00 – Thanks for tuning in! 

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