Adds new Phat Tyre footbag to lineup

Concert downtown tonight. Music. And People. Everywhere!

Thanks to the generosity of Flying Clipper / Dirtbag Footbags, I have added a brand new Phat Tyre to my rotation of footbags. Tonight I was changing bags each time I took a towel / water break. 

The Phat Tyre is obviously a worthy footbag. I had some really good rallies with it. I like it a lot, but I was having trouble adjusting to the weight and size compared to my other footbags. 80g! I’m definitely keeping it in my rotation. I can’t lie and say there’s no difference between this $12 footbag, and the custom freestyler-made footbags like my Abshires. But the Phat Tyre, all in all, is still a pretty good bag. 

I bet it works great for the intermediate hack circles, and that’s one reason I like it so much. Having a more durable “hack circle” bag in my arsenal, that I’m used to, will be nice. 

I got to kick to the entire set of Drew Davis. A wee bit countrified for me, mebbe. But, live music is always inspiring, and there were tons of people coming by. I had an awesome session, and got major props from the crowd. I wish I could have kept kicking as the main attraction Darius Rucker took the stage, but… I was at the 2:15 mark, and I was TOAST. 

I also got another journalism student that wants to do a story on me. I had to warn him the J-School profs might be tired of me by now, but he’s still gonna make the pitch. I really enjoy being the subject of their projects!  It helps sharpen my interview skills, and I usually get a good footbag promotion tool that I can share with the world. 

2:15 / 39:15 – Thanks for tuning in!

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