Concert Groupie

Downtown concert got moved, I moved with it.

The Blue Note had to change concert locations because too many business owners were complaining about the 9th street closing disruption. The new venue is totally awesome for a small concert: a private park next to MoJo’s they can cordon off. There’s no place to kick inside the area, but there are a few places nearby. I tried the Cafe Berlin parking lot.

I started late, because of the heat, and with the first act of the concert, so I only had about an hour of sunlight. After that, streetlights. I finally packed it in at an hour forty five. Another great session, I didn’t really play all that great but got tons of props from the crowd.

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Adds new Phat Tyre footbag to lineup

Concert downtown tonight. Music. And People. Everywhere!

Thanks to the generosity of Flying Clipper / Dirtbag Footbags, I have added a brand new Phat Tyre to my rotation of footbags. Tonight I was changing bags each time I took a towel / water break. 

The Phat Tyre is obviously a worthy footbag. I had some really good rallies with it. I like it a lot, but I was having trouble adjusting to the weight and size compared to my other footbags. 80g! I’m definitely keeping it in my rotation. I can’t lie and say there’s no difference between this $12 footbag, and the custom freestyler-made footbags like my Abshires. But the Phat Tyre, all in all, is still a pretty good bag. 

I bet it works great for the intermediate hack circles, and that’s one reason I like it so much. Having a more durable “hack circle” bag in my arsenal, that I’m used to, will be nice. 

I got to kick to the entire set of Drew Davis. A wee bit countrified for me, mebbe. But, live music is always inspiring, and there were tons of people coming by. I had an awesome session, and got major props from the crowd. I wish I could have kept kicking as the main attraction Darius Rucker took the stage, but… I was at the 2:15 mark, and I was TOAST. 

I also got another journalism student that wants to do a story on me. I had to warn him the J-School profs might be tired of me by now, but he’s still gonna make the pitch. I really enjoy being the subject of their projects!  It helps sharpen my interview skills, and I usually get a good footbag promotion tool that I can share with the world. 

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Three New Footbags!

There’s nothing like 3 new footbags to pump me up! All the other forces were against me: rain today, I had to start late to get dry pavement; plus, one of those “heavy lifting, massive contorting” kind of physical work days at work. My back was killing me as I was prepping to kick. It even felt very strained for a while after I started. 

But those three new Abshire footbags? They delivered the Total. Freaking. Smackdown. on the negatives. I wasn’t carving up the difficult moves, but I was still playing well and keeping the bag off the ground. I had an awesome time tonight! 

In fact, I had such a good time, I’m officially declaring today my 30th anniversary of playing footbag. I don’t really know the exact date, it was probably actually later in the summer, but I’m tired of waiting, and believe these 3 new footbags are my anniversary present. 

Yes, BTW, it was hot and extremely humid. I hit total saturation, even to the point where my socks started ‘sklishing’ inside my shoes. Remind me, I need to bring even more towels. Two aren’t enough.

LATE UPDATE: Flying Clipper is also going to send me one of their new Phat Tyre Footbags! I will soon have four footbags in my kicking rotation. I feel rich

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The Half-Year Mark

Holy cow I completely saturated everything I was wearing today.
Hottest day here so far this year: 98+F, heat index over 105F. 
This, July 30th, is the half-year mark. It’s a great time to assess progress towards my footbag goal. How am I doing? I put in 2:15 last week, and 1:30 this week, so I’m at 35 hours for the year so far. I’m almost exactly 4 weeks ahead on my goal of 60 hours per year playing footbag. 
Some might think, “60 hours for a whole year? That’s nothing!” But, I usually only count solo freestyling towards that time. Sometimes I’d really like to kick more, but… the situation is what it is. When I do a 2-hour session, it takes me several days to fully recover. Even if my schedule allowed it, kicking just twice a week would probably be more than I could physically sustain. Remember, I’m old. 
Speaking of old, I’m only two weeks away from what I’m calling my 30th footbag anniversary. I don’t really know exactly when I first kicked a Hacky Sack, but it was *sometime* in July, I think, almost certainly after the 4th. The memory of my first hack circle 30 years ago outside a condo unit in Dillon, CO, is actually rather vivid. There’s just no timestamp on it. 
I’ll blog more about my 30th footbag anniversary when I actually get there.
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