Good Long Hot Summer Session

Two Solid Hour Session! It started off with an encounter with some dude…

Work had me running late today, and I ended up having to push the area lighting a bit to get the full 2 hours. But got them, I did. The video fails to represent the overall session. I played well, felt good, played for a long time, continued to feel good, had a great time. What more can a poor old hacker ask for? Iz almoost in Heavenz!!!1!
But I must confess I’m getting rather anxious. I’ve been claiming that I’ve been playing footbag for “almost 30 years” since I started year 27. Now that the real 30 year mark is barely a month away, I’m getting. freaking. impatient. I Want Celebration!
But the big bash is actually gonna be my birthday, since the students will have just gotten back in session. I start early on Speakers Circle and go until Brother Jed or his groupies invade. I’m thinking about trying to live stream the session for 15 minutes or so. 
Again… 2:00 / 29:15 – Thanks for tuning in!

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