Speakers Circle Summer Welcome

w00t! Another solid 2-hr session! 

I feared the sudden change to heat, but it’s apparently been the best thing for my game. Last 2 sessions rank as best of season so far. It was actually very nice today, with high clouds diffusing the sunlight, very light wind, moderate temps, and kids to show off to. What more could I ask? 
2:00 / 31:15 – A session’s worth past the halfway point, two weeks ahead of the half year point. 3 sessions up on my goals, not great, but I’ll take it.
Thanks for tuning in!

Good Long Hot Summer Session

Two Solid Hour Session! It started off with an encounter with some dude…

Work had me running late today, and I ended up having to push the area lighting a bit to get the full 2 hours. But got them, I did. The video fails to represent the overall session. I played well, felt good, played for a long time, continued to feel good, had a great time. What more can a poor old hacker ask for? Iz almoost in Heavenz!!!1!
But I must confess I’m getting rather anxious. I’ve been claiming that I’ve been playing footbag for “almost 30 years” since I started year 27. Now that the real 30 year mark is barely a month away, I’m getting. freaking. impatient. I Want Celebration!
But the big bash is actually gonna be my birthday, since the students will have just gotten back in session. I start early on Speakers Circle and go until Brother Jed or his groupies invade. I’m thinking about trying to live stream the session for 15 minutes or so. 
Again… 2:00 / 29:15 – Thanks for tuning in!

Gone Fishin’

Yes, I blew off footbag last Thursday to go fishing. And the “Cold Summer” video from the week before seems ludicrous now. We might get near 100 F today.

Not much to report besides the fact that I enjoyed my fishing trip, and I’m a bit pensive about how the heat will affect my next session. I usually get a bit longer to acclimate from cold to hot. Next session is booked for this Thurs. at the City Hall Hack-key sculpture, starting about 6pm, in the shade. We’ll see!
1:30 / 27:15 – Thanks for tuning in!