A bad month for Footbag

May. It should have been a “Gathering Steam” month for the footbag season. Instead, my fire got totally pissed on in a major way. 

April ended well enough. I got a rare “extra” footbag session, and got to jam to live music at our local Earth Day festival. That was awesome! I just took me and my footbags, no camera, no baggage. But… no video from a rip-snorting 1.5 hour session, either. 
Since then, the price for the “extra” session has been paid. I got to kick the next week, but got a late start due to work problems, and got chased out of the circle by those God-damned motherfucking speaker-circle hogging “preachers” after a thin hour. Also, I couldn’t find my tripod, and blew off shooting any video. You like text, don’t you? 
Then, the track meets, the computer crash… and further sacrifice of my rare window of footbag opportunity to work on recovering data from my old hard drive. And I should know, in the grand scheme of footbag karma, that voluntarily skipping a session means that I’ll get fucked out several more sessions, too. It always happens.
So another week goes by, my Special Thursday comes back up. I head down to City Hall for my season’s first session there. 
…and of course a huge storm moves in. Another “barely an hour” session, cut short by weather. 
And speaking of weather, once again the following Thursday it rains like freaking crazy. It stopped raining about the time I usually get to start kicking, but everything is still too wet. I give up on the idea of playing footbag, drive out to a buddy’s house, and proceed to drink beer while helping him with some electrical wiring. Darkness falls.
Then, a funny thing happened while I was coming back into town. I realized things had dried out enough to kick, and… there are lights on Stankowski Field! Nevermind that I was still a bit buzzed from the beer. This was important: A chance to tell that footbag karma to kiss my hacky-sack playing ass! So I did a head-fake, found a place to play under the lights (the astroturf field itself was still too wet), and proceeded to have a little bit of footbag fun. 
Tomorrow is my Special Footbag Thursday again. Weather looks dicey. I’ve got to chaparone a daytime field trip with a bunch of 6th graders. And I’ve got to help someone move some sheetrock too. Hopefully the weather and other things will cooperate enough for me to get to kick. Hopefully… 
As for the accounting… since my last post: 1.5 hrs @ Earthday; 1.0 hrs @ Speaker Circle; 1.25 hrs @ City Hall; 1.0 hrs @ Stankowski. That’s a paltry 4.75 hours over the course of 4 weeks. 25.75 hours total – that’s barely “On Par” for my footbag goals. I hope the rest of the summer is a bit less of a fight to get my footbag time, but… if I have to fight, I will, and I will fight dirty.

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