Evening Speaker Circle Session

My first evening session of the season on Speakers Circle. I’d forgotten how informal and kind of intimate the experience is. It’s a different atmosphere than the middle of the day. 
I love kicking at twilight, and/or overcast days. This session was a bit of both: clouds rolled in as I got started. The diffuse, shadowless, monochromatic (especially at twilight) light helps my vision. I can see the footbag more clearly. It would be even better if it were overcast and calm, but I’ll take what I can get. It seems like wind doesn’t bother me much anymore. 
1:30 / 21:00 – Thanks for tuning in!

Fountain Cirle – a new place to kick

With the “Brother Jed Invasion” in full swing at Speakers Circle (he’s there every day from noon-4pm+ now), I have to find other places to kick if I can’t get going by 10am in the morning. Fountain Circle is just down the sidewalk from Speaker’s Circle. 

Watching the Vegas Jam Videos obviously inspired me; I was thinking about them, and pushing my difficulty a little more than usual. I ended up getting a few nice strings on tape, so I broke from my usual “Single Best Rally” video format, and did a “Highlights Reel” instead. That very last rally was a full rally, but hey I thought it was worthy. 
A shout out to Ironclad Ben, too: he gave me some tips on ducks and dives, and I hit a couple of clean, properly timed, diving same side butterfly moves! (not on tape, sorry)
I’ve only got one or two more sessions on campus before school is out. After that, I’ll likely switch to kicking at the Hack-Key Sculpture in front of the new City Hall in the evenings. 
I put in 1:30 at the Secret Hideout last session (boy I forgot how hot and humid it is in there when it’s not freezing outside), and a solid 2 hrs this week. Overall I’m very pleased with the season so far. I’m ahead of my goals, heading into the main summer season. All the lights are green for my 30th Footbag Anniverary season. I want to make it a great one!
1:30 / 2:00 / 19:30 – Thanks for tuning in!