Second Outdoor Session of 2011

Stuff has actually happened since my last post. Another 1.5 hour session in the Secret Hideout last week. Had a great time. Now, I’ve just got done with an interview with a J-School student again tonight. And, it was nice enough to play footbag on Speakers Circle again! Yay!
The bad news? The Power Hacker guy showed up near the end of my session, and blew out a seam on Prissy. Darn! Lost a lot of guts, too. Repair is a MUST.
Playing well, no reports of aches or pains, feeling good after 2 hours today. A little blustery today though; it’s the rarest of rare “shirted” footbag sessions, promoting the Lupus Chili Fest! 
1:30/2:00/13:00 – Thanks for tuning in!

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